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Fox&Friends Still Pimping Ashleigh Kenny Teabagger Shirt

Reported by Priscilla - September 21, 2009 -

Remember Ashleigh Kenny? She’s a sweet, freedom loving gal from Georgia who got a nice little PR bump from Fox&Friends for her R.I.P. the Constitution Tee Shirt that she created as an element of couture for the well dressed teabagger. Well, she’s back for even more free PR from her “friends” from Fox who seem to be acknowledging that they gave her the Fox&Friends (and not the Colbert) “bump.” If there is any doubt about Fox News’ partisan preferences, look no further than this shameless promotion.

Second stringer Dave Briggs began his segment, yesterday, by referring to Ashleigh as their “friend.” Briggs reminded us of how Fox&Friends “introduced” us to the Tee Shirts that are now being advertised on a large bill board. The graphic shown was the bill board complete with all the contact information. Briggs noted the “bump” – “after Ashleigh came on our program, these things exploded in sales.” He noted that Kenny has put up a billboard with that “same constitutional message.” He asked Kenny how “her life changed after she came on Fox&Friends." Another picture of the billboard was shown complete with all the contact information. Lil Ashleigh said that “it is truly a national event” and that she’s “still in shock." The perfunctory Fox propaganda was effectively delivered by Kenny who was asked why she did this. She replied that she wanted to speak out to members of her generation and show her parents and grandparents that the young’uns are taking a stand. More photos of the billboard were shown complete with all the contact information. The chyron reinforced the right wing talking point “RIP the Constitution, designer says gov’t getting too big.” Kenny then said that she gets messages from the troops that they’re behind her 100% and that they’re proud to fight for Americans like her. (I thought that the troops were fighting for all of us regardless of our political views.) Briggs proudly asserted that the last time she was on, “we crashed your website” and asked if it is prepared to handle the traffic from this appearance. Just in case you didn’t see the running visual, with all the contact information, Briggs said the name of the website for all those too illiterate to read the contact information on the photo behind him.

Comment: During the Bush years, there were serious questions about the constitutionality of a number of things like the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, renditions, and torture. Do ya think Fox would have done two promotional segments for an R.I.P. the Constitution tee shirt created by a liberal UCLA student?