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In Another Unhinged Witch Hunt, Beck Renames Mainstream Media "The Fringe Media"

Reported by Ellen - September 20, 2009 -

Just when you think Glenn Beck can’t get any more despicable, any more un-American and any more unhinged, he outdoes himself. On Friday’s (9/19/09) “The One Thing,” the editorial that opens his show, Beck raged about radical communists that somehow tied Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground, Harry Reid, Che Guevara and Barack Obama into one big "Tree of Revolution" picture that would have made Joseph McCarthy proud. With video.

“Hello, America,” Beck began with his usual self-aggrandizing opening. With his sincere voice, Beck declared that what he used to call “the mainstream media” is now, in his opinion, “the fringe media.” In Beck's world, his hate mongering rants are “mainstream” and the restraint shown elsewhere is “fringe.”

“They don’t see the big picture,” Beck said, oh so earnestly. So he went on to “connect the dots for you.” Meaning, of course, for him. Because despite his repeated preening otherwise, he never connected the dots.

He started with Van Jones (Beck still can’t get over him). “It was about a radical communist revolutionary in the White House… What does that tell us about which direction this government is going?”

“We’ve told you that there are radicals. We’ve told you that there are Communist, Marxist, revolutionaries all around this president,” Beck continued.

Building up to fire-and-brimstone mode, Beck segued out of earnest, sincere mode and began shuffling photos of his targets, while feigning a clumsy offhandedness. But make no mistake. He was sharpening the knives behind the façade.

William Ayers “is infecting young minds with radicalism as a professor at the University of Illinois.”

The subtext of Beck’s rants are always boasts about himself. How he is the one who sees what others cannot, how he is the one who is the friend of America (while demonizing one half of it and whipping up fear and hate in the other), how he is the one who just wants to help.

“The fringe media can’t seem to put all of this together,” he began. But, of course, he was the one who could. “Let me show you the big picture of what’s happening here.” He went over to a chalkboard with the title “Tree of Revolution.”

Beck’s voice rose now as he entered full blown fire-and-brimstone. “The roots of the tree of radicalism and revolution! It’s Saul Alinsky! It’s Woodrow Wilson! That’s how it’s all made legitimate!”

After claiming that Woodrow Wilson put 150,000 political prisoners in jail, Beck declared, “This is where we’re headed!”

Somehow, Che Guevara and SDS, the old 60’s radical group were part of the root system, too. The branches were ACORN, SEIU, Bill Ayers,

“It is not believable that Barack Obama and Bill Ayers did not know each other!” Beck cried, completely ignoring the fact that it has never been disputed that they know each other. The two served on a board together. But the connection, despite Beck’s histrionics, has never been shown to be more than tenuous. But the bolder the smear, the better for Beck’s showboating, eh?

His voice all excited with this own “discovery,” Beck declared it “impossible” that they didn’t know each other. “Why?” Beck asked. “Because of (Obama advisor) Valerie Jarrett,” another branch on Beck’s tree and probable witch hunt target to come. “She grew up with her mother and Bill Ayers father’ knowing each other!” Beck cried, as if that had some kind of significance. I don't know about him but there were plenty of people my mother knew whose children I did not know.

Beck went on in this vein for several more minutes, pausing to boast about his superiority to the “fringe media” for getting “the whole picture.”

“The mainstream media has lost their way,” Beck said. “They’re just looking at the pictures and arguing about the faces.”

His voice raised, arms outstretched, Beck went back to fire-and-brimstone. “Show this! The Tree of Revolution! Look at this! What do all of these names say?”

Before Beck told us, he paused to drag in Harry Reid, new target Jeff Jones, Van Jones again, and back to Jeff Jones. Beck never pointed to a single act committed by any of his targets since the 60’s to indicate they were radicals now, but instead relied on a string of insinuations and thought-police accusations… all the while preening over his
news acumen.

“The fringe media doesn’t even bother to look who is actually writing our policies and implementing them,” Beck accused, meaning that Jeff Jones had undue influence into New York’s legislature. But what radical law did Jones write? Beck never said.

Beck wound himself up into a crescendo as the segment began winding up. “They’re using the same tactics… Fear and intimidation!” Beck accused. It was a moment of classic projection.

“Look who the president has!” Beck gesticulated at his chalk board. “Wade Rathke (ACORN founder), right up the tree! Dale (Rathke, Wade’s brother), Bill Ayers, right up the tree! Jeff Jones, right up the tree! …George Soros has his hands in it.” But despite the theatrics, Beck never showed any connection between any of those people and President Obama, especially with regard to any policies or decisions.

You can email Beck at glennbeck@foxnews.com if you'd like to let him know just what role he truly plays in the media.