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Bill O’Reilly’s “Courage” Award Speech Smears Dr. Tiller And His Patients

Reported by Priscilla - September 20, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly is a “pro-life” Catholic whose campaign against Dr. George Tiller, a provider of legal late term abortions, included (at least 29 times) accusations that Tiller was a “baby killer. As we know, Dr. Tiller was shot by a man whose rabid anti-abortion views would appear to match those of Bill O’Reilly. Coincidentally, two months after Tiller’s death, the Family Research Council, one of the sponsors of this annual gathering of radical “Christians,” announced that O’Reilly would be honored at the upcoming Family Values Summit (Coincidentally something O’Reilly never previously attended) and praised O’Reilly’s show as a “national platform to promote life--no matter what the personal or professional costs.” Coincidentally, the first few minutes of the secret O’Reilly “Values Voters” speech was devoted to more smearing of a man who, courageously, performed a legal procedure to those women whose lives depended on it – a doctor who was killed, in his church, by a man whose twisted belief system was validated by the sick rhetoric of America’s Daddy and all those who would take us back to the “good old days” of back alley butchers – a time when a woman's role was that of uncomplaining child bearer regardless of the cost to her life and health. The perverse lies and smears about Dr. Tiller, promulgated on a national television network, had no personal or professional costs for Bill O'Reilly – the costs were all borne by Dr. Tiller who is dead and whose death is seen by the man accused of murdering him and many in the “pro-life” camp as justifiable homicide. But Bill O’Reilly, who still sees no problem with his incendiary rehetoric, gets a “Media Courage” award.

Dr. George Tiller was killed by an anti-abortion fanatic at the end of May of this year. Shortly after (July 30th), Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council announced that O’Reilly would be honored by the upcoming Family Values Summit: “Bill O'Reilly has never shied away from denouncing late-term abortions and the handful of doctors who perform them. In the aftermath of George Tiller's murder, O'Reilly became an easy target for the liberal media who tried to pin some of the blame on Bill, saying he incited the violence by decrying these unnecessary procedures on his show. Despite the unfair allegations, O'Reilly spoke the truth, bringing new light to a gruesome procedure. On behalf of our co-sponsors and millions of values voters, we want to express our gratitude to a culture warrior.”

So Bill O’Reilly gets a thank you for his inflammatory rhetoric that resulted in the death of a man of courage who, throughout his career, provided a necessary service to women whose lives depended on him and who, throughout his career, battled the fundamentalist Christian crazies who would prefer to see women die. The allegations about O’Reilly’s part in the atmosphere of zealotry were not unfair. Dr. Tiller was the victim – not O’Reilly. News Hounds has an extensive catalogue of threads about O’Reilly’s ongoing smears against Dr. Tiller and the women who terminated their pregnancies at his clinic.

There is a You Tube video available which documents the first few minutes of O’Reilly’s acceptance speech and it is very revealing. I joked, earlier, that O’Reilly might have been telling his fans that he offered up prayers for Tiller’s demise. It seems that I might have been on to something in that O’Reilly’s recorded statements were about Tiller who continues to be smeared, after his death, by Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly said that “over the course of his career, Tiller, I don’t know what word you want to say, killed over a thousand babies FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL, none, there wasn’t any reason given." (You’re a liar, Bill.The reason is that, per state statute, giving birth would do irreparable harm to the mother) He then claimed that Tiller “hid behind the mental health exception” which could mean “the boyfriend left, whatever.” (Yeah, Bill, they were having a bad hair day so they subjected themselves to a very painful procedure. Why do you hate women?) Bill continued to lie when he said that “we found out that there wasn’t any justification for this” and accused Tiller of running a “money making racket” and this guy was trying to protect…” That’s when the video ended.

Comment: I don’t think it was a coincidence that while the speeches of the other mullahs of the American Taliban are readily available, Bill’s is shrouded in secrecy given the bad publicity he endured (poor Bill) after Tiller’s death. One can only imagine the lying vitriol in the rest of his speed. (C’mon Bill, man up and release the transcript). Bill’s contention that there was no reason for this “racket” is truly loathsome and a lie. It is demeaning – if not outright misogynistic – to all those women whose lives and health were at serious risk. Contrary to what Bill asserts, women just don’t decide to have a late term abortion so they can go to a Dave Matthews concert. I guess in Bill’s world it’s just fine to let a 9 year old who was raped by her father (was she, like Jennifer Moore “asking for it?) carry her pregnancy to term which would have meant that her body would have been ripped apart. What say you Bill about that? Thanks to a man of courage, Dr. Tiller, she survived whereas thanks to a climate of violence, stirred in part by Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Tiller didn’t. Guess Bill would have preferred for her to die – how “pro-life” – how courageous! Is Bill O’Reilly’s “courage award” stained with the blood of Dr. George Tiller?

Update- - a summary of the rest of his speech can be found here.