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Huckabee To Headline “How to Take Back America” Theocracy Conference

Reported by Alex - September 19, 2009 -

When teabaggers, rightwing bloggers and Beck-bots run out of sh** to fling at supporters of President Obama, they like to pull the grubby, dog-eared old “Messiah” card out of their -- um -- back pockets. “Ob-a-ma-siah” they mouth to themselves as they type. “The One.” “Savior.” Oh, soooo clever.

If the thought of a few of Obama’s more ardent supporters hoping for a spiritual rebirth for the United States seems unsettling, well, pyjama pundits, you ain’t seen nothin’yet. You’d better look over your shoulders and start typing quick, because here comes Mike Huckabee, and this time he doesn’t just want to be President – he wants to head a theocracy.

The first big strategy meeting on how to create a 21st-century New Jerusalem is coming up next week, and former Governor, pastor, man-who-would-be-king President and Fox News host Mike Huckabee is one of the keynote speakers.

The How To Take Back America conference, to be held in St. Louis on September 25th, has been organized by the Queen Bee of the religious right, Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum. Schlafly,you might recall, was almost single-handedly responsible for preventing the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment after it was passed by congress in 1972, by spreading fears that the ERA would, among other things, lead to unisex public toilets and women being drafted into the armed forces.

Joining Schalfly as co-chair is World Net Daily columnist, birther, waaaay-out-there conspiracy theorist, Official Christian Victim, and all-round radical religious wacko Janet Porter.

These two High Priestesses of the Church of Wingnuttia have put together a two-day conference to train acolytes in the Retaking of America in the wake of the radical right’s resounding defeats at the polls in 2006 and 2008. In addition to Mike Huckabeee, who will close the conference on Saturday night, the confirmed speakers are:

• Lt. Gen. William Boykin (ret.), the "christian" soldier, “War on Terror” warrior and author with a list of military and civilian credentials as long as your arm who prays over every decision he makes and has preachedthat the war on terror is a “holy war”,with the United States as a "Christian nation" battling "Satan".

• Dr. Rick Scarborough, head of Vision America, an organization which “works with Patriot Pastors and other Christian activists across the USA”. If that sentence doesn’t tell you all you need to know, click here – but be warned, this is not reading for the fainthearted or easily angered.

A typical Scarborough quote is this

Why should a fringe minority have the same status as Christians? This country was not established by secular humanists. The Declaration of Independence appeals to the "Creator" and the "Supreme Judge of the World" -- not to Buddha or Mohammad or Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

People for the American Way’s wonderful Right Wing Watch has a report on a conference call among some of the speakers scheduled to appear next weekend. During the call, Scarborough says that

this conference is the first step to bringing together the Right in order to "turn out the infidels" and fill Congress with true leaders like Rep. Michele Bachmann. Declaring that the 2008 election felt like a crucifixion, Scarborough took solace in the fact that "God always does his best work right after a crucifixion" and said that now was the time for Christians to rise up, stop Obama from "stealing from the American people" and save this nation.

He concludes his address to the group by decreeing that

This is where we draw our line in the sand; we’re gonna lock arm in arm, we’re gonna …expose the lie and the myth of separation, and we’re gonna march into the place of public policy and seize the day.”

Rick Scarborough was a member of Huckabee’s Faith and Family Values Coalition during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

• Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa):

- Author of English Langage Unity Act
- Admirer of Joe McCarthy
- Declared that Al Qaeda would greet the election of President Obama with “dancing in the streets”
- Voted against a plaque honoring the slaves that helped to build the Capitol building
- Called the abuses at Abu Ghraib “hazing”
- Anti abortion activist, voted against regulating the subprime mortgage industry, anti same-sex marriage, ok with job discrimination based on sexual orientation, pro Big Oil, etc etc etc – you can probably guess the rest.

Mike Huckabee frequently appears on platforms across the country which feature King as a speaker and has never, to this writer’s knowledge, taken King to task for any of his statements or attitudes.

• Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn):

- McCarthyite
- Conspiracy theorist
- Advocate of violent revolution (see below)
- wrist-slitter for Jesus
- All-round nutcase

Bachmann is the wingnut gift that just keeps on giving. At the link just above you can hear such Bachmann classics as,

“I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of energy tax”
"Thomas Jefferson told us, having a revolution every now and then is a good thing"
”Not all cultures are equal"

Why did she run for Congress? Because God told her to do it. And will she ever run for President? Only if Jesus calls her to do so. Sound familiar ?

• Rep. Tom McClintock

According to California Majority Report,

Congressman Tom McClintock’s… chief legislative accomplishments have been blocking budgets and forcing cuts in education and health care. [His] main complaint is that environmental regulations are crippling the economy, hoping to take advantage of a sour economy to turn back the progress California has made in cleaning its air, improving energy efficiency, and cleaning fouled waters.

Mcclintock has also been an avid supoporter of the Teabaggers, and spoke at a recent Sacramento Tea Party Express rally about, among other things, Presidential advisors, colloquially known as "czars" (a term that originated during the reign of St. Ronnie):

"The concept came from Russia," he said, "and all they do is oppress the American people." However, he noted, "The American spirit is returning. The Obama administration didn't count on that."

So for speakers at the How to Take Back America conference we have people who stand against same-sex marriage, environmental controls, taxes, immigration, health-care reform and international human rights, some of whom who believe that America is fighting a holy war both within and beyond its borders, brought together by a caryatid of the white "christian" male power structure and the 2009 poster girl for wingnuttiness who gets hot just thinking about Christians killing Muslims. The America they envision is an avowedly fundamentalist "christian" nation, "superior" to other cultures and ways of life, to be guided by God’s elect to do what they believe to be “his” bidding.

Okay, you say, there’s nothing new here; we’ve seen all this before. Well yes, we have; but what is different his year is that this conference not only arrives on the heels of this weekend’s “Values Voter” convention and features a lot of the same participants, but has expanded the aims of what is normally a small conference aimed at training “Christian” lobbyists to become a major event to

teach conservatives “How to Take Back America.” Together, Janet Folger Porter, president and founder of Faith2Action, and I [Phyllis Schlafly] have joined together with a consortium of conservative organizations to host a top-rate, momentum building, leadership conference that will teach the grassroots how to use the internet and how to connect after the conference using new technologies like “Webinar,” as well as equip them with talking points on battle-front issues and record every workshop to distribute online after the conference.

Here is the list of workshops planned for the weekend:

• How to stop abortions: a new approach (DVD: Maafa 21 & Discussion)
• How to counter the homosexual extremist movement
• How to deal with global warming, cap and trade
• How to use New Media technology
• How to stop the entry of illegal aliens and drugs
• How to stop government attacks on parents’ rights
• How to deal with supremacist judges
• How Conservatives Can Use Media to Advance Our Cause: Media 101
• How to stop socialism in health care
• How to defeat attacks on sovereignty by UN treaties
• How to activate your church
• How to use the Internet effectively: Internet 101
• How to deal with vote fraud, the Census, and ACORN
• How to defend America vs. missile attack
• How to lobby legislators
• How to bring youth into the conservative movement
• How to understand Islam
• How to defend traditional marriage and DOMA
• How the media can help us take back America
• How to lobby federal legislation & policy
• How to defeat Con Con, National Popular Vote, ERA
• How to recognize living under Nazis & Communists
• How to stop feminist and gay attacks on the military
• How conservatives can win in 2010

What you see here is not just a talking shop but a weekend of practical strategizing designed to strengthen and broaden the radical right movement and reinforce the messages that underlie their aim of turning America into One Nation Under the Calvinist / Old Testament God who smites, hates, and plays favorites, bestowing his blessings on the elect of the New Jerusalem – white, of WASP descent, wealthy as proof of their righteousness, and thereby qualified in their own eyes to teach the rest of us the error of our ways. This writer’s internet searches turned up no instances of Mike Huckabee repudiating the extreme, theocratic views of any of these people. So I ask, if you can judge a man’s character by the company he keeps, what does this “company” say about Mike Huckabee, the man this weekend's "values voter" conference chose as the most likely Republican candidate for 2012?

In part 2 of this post, on Monday, we take a look at the host committee of “How to Take Back America” – an interconnected group who give real meaning to the clichéd expression “American Taliban” and with whom Huckabee has some extremely close ties.

NEWSFLASH!!! Joe the Plumber to speak at How to Take Back America Conference!

Wow, now we know they’re serious! Look out, America!