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Bill O'Reilly Bans Media From His Values Voters Speech

Reported by Priscilla - September 19, 2009 -

Despite the notion, floated by Fox apologists, that Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor" is an "opinion show," it is described on Bill's Fox biography as an "unequaled blend of news analysis and hard-hitting investigative reporting." Bill does seem to pride himself on his "journalism." O'Reilly, unlike college dropout Sean Hanity, has a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism and has received several journalism awards. His most recent is the "Media Courage Award" which was presented to him last night at the annual American Taliban Conclave (Whoops "Values Voters Summit"). So it seems a bit - ah - ironic that he, as a courageous media person, banned the press from his acceptance speech. Wonder why?

Did he admit to saying a novena of thanksgiving for the death of Dr. Tiller? Did he engage in a rant about Hollywood Jews and godless libruls? Did he go on a tirade about gays indoctrinating good Christian youth? Inquiring minds want to know.

Liberal blogger Mike Stark was ejected from the room where the speech was to take place. Can you imagine the whining from Jesse T Watters if that happened to him! But once again, why would a Media Courage Award winner be fraidy scared of the press? Wouldn't Bill want them to bring it on? I didn't think Bill was afraid to confront anybody; but now he looks like a cowardly wuss.

Here's a comment, from a conservative blogger, who was disappointed about Bill's hypocrisy:

"I’m sorry, but that seems more than a little hypocritical of Bill O’Reilly to say the least.
After all, the man (who I like very much to watch and agree with on most things) gives no quarter to anyone on his show. That’s essentially how a good reporter should be: not put up with the spin.Yet he’s afraid to have the media report on his speech? Say it ain’t so, Bill."

And there's even more irony that a married, conservative Catholic guy, who fantasized about sneaking up (from behind) on his female producer while she was in the shower and then massaging her with a falafal covered loofah mit, is speaking at a "Values" conference.