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Another Fox News Witch Hunt: Great American Panel Debates Which Obama Advisor Is the Most Dangerous

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2009 -

In case anyone has any doubts that Fox News is trying to reinstate McCarthyesque witch hunts updated for the Obama administration, just watch this segment from last night’s (9/18/09) Hannity where Sean Hannity and the panel actually debated who is the most dangerous Obama advisor with suggestions that the public demand they all be fired. I wouldn’t think this so alarming if the administration hadn’t just kicked Van Jones to the curb, followed by Yosi Sargent, followed by Congress’ vote against funding ACORN, all conservative/Fox News targets. This discussion followed one of Hannity’s special smears reports about Obama's advisors. It’s pretty darned terrifying to think that this is what news has come to in our country. And Democrats seem more willing to appease this aggression than to stand up to it. With video.

In a mockery of Fox’s “fair and balanced” mantra, Hannity chose an all-conservative panel for the debate. The panelists were Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal (does a day go by that Moore is not on at least one Fox show?), Andrew McCarthy of National Review and Republican Noelle Nikpour. Instead of really investigating the records of the advisors, their history, their role in the administration and their influence on policy, the panel, led by Hannity, offered a series of inflammatory sound bites aimed at demonizing the advisors, the left and, of course, Obama. None of the advisors is in Obama’s cabinet which happens to include two Republicans. Are they radicals, too?

“This is the kind of person who would’ve been celebrating the one-child policy in China,” one panelist said about one of the advisors, instead of providing quotes and substantive information about his or her views.

Another panelist dubiously alleged that forced abortions and forced sterilization were the goal of another advisor.

Unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity brought up the race angle. Earlier in the show, he had played a clip of his 2007 interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright in which he accused Wright of being a black racist (the only kind of racist there is in Hannity’s world, or at least the only kind that’s bad). “Here’s the important question,” Hannity said. “Wright is, at least on the surface, out of the picture. Who knows what contact goes on behind the scenes? Same with Bill Ayers. Should all of these people on this list of 10… be fired?”

McCarthy said the problem is “in the Oval Office,” that the show could have been about “20 or 30” Obama advisors.”

“No, no we could,” Hannity agreed.

Nikpour said, “These are only representing the far, far, far left, extremists.” She was suggesting that Obama had not picked any mainstream advisors.

“These are the far, far left, but Barack Obama is very comfortable with these people. He’s not embarrassed by any of this stuff,” Moore said.

“When he campaigned, he sold himself as a moderate and now it’s like he’s lifted off that mask and there he is,” Nikpour accused. Speaking of revealing oneself, check out the ratherracy website Nikpour had at one time. It’s not exactly the picture of mainstream conservatism. According to arkansasbusiness.com, Nikpour had the site built for her but it was taken down after arkansasbusiness inquired about the suggestive photo. However, they saved a copy.

“So the bottom line is, until the next election, we’re stuck with extremists in the White House,” Hannity said.

Noting that after Bill Clinton was elected, he had said he was going to have a cabinet that “looks like America,” Moore added, “God forbid that America looks like this.”

“Looks like what? …Radicals?” Hannity asked.

“Exactly,” Moore replied.

“Like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers,” Hannity continued.

“There is a vetting process,” McCarthy said.

“He had to know about these guys,” Hannity said.

“They know and they promote it,” Nikpour said.