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Megyn Kelly Takes Up The Christian Cross In Partisan Hit Piece On The ACLU

Reported by Priscilla - September 18, 2009 -

The right wing loves the second Amendment to the US Constitution – the First, not so much. And because the ACLU is involved in efforts to support that amendment – particularly against the blurring of church/state issues, it is reviled by the radical right who still refer to the ACLU as the ACLJew. Not surprisingly, good Fox Christian Megyn Kelly seemed very concerned about the effort of the ACLU to have a large war memorial cross (it is a Christian symbol) removed from federal land in the Mojave desert.

Megyn can be a bit of a drama queen if there’s something that really gets her white, designer panties in a bunch and yesterday she began her presentation quite dramatically. She seriously intoned that “it has stood in the Mojave desert for 75 years (tilting her pretty blond head) 55 of those wer nice and quiet (shaking pretty blond head) no one complaining” (don’t ya hate it when the libruls get uppity?) and with venom in her voice she said “but now the ACLU is challenging in (word emphasized) war memorial” and added indignantly “hundreds of our military veterans are fighting to save it." (Oh, praise the Lord). She explained that the ACLU claims that this is “a government endorsement of religion, namely Christianity. (Ya think!) She mentioned that the Supreme Court will be taking up this issue and (she ominously warned) this "could affect war memorials across this country." She then introduced a couple who have tended to this cross for years and their attorney who is from the Liberty Legal Institute, a legal firm associated with Jerry Falwell's Liberty University and which represents aggrieved Christians. Henry Sandoz said that this came about because a park ranger complained. According to Kelly they do not believe it is a religious symbol (d’uh) but is a war memorial - a meme that their lawyer articulated (and which Kelly reinforced). He mentioned the crosses at Arlington National Cemetery (which, unlike this patch of land, is a federally designated cemetery). He said if the 10 Commandments are acceptable outside a Texas Courthouse, this should be acceptable. (Of course, there have been other court cases where the 10 Commandments haven’t been considered appropriate). Kelly worked in a right wing talking point about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, “one of the most liberal courts in the country” which ordered the cross to be covered (Don’t ya just hate those librul courts!) when she mentioned that the cross is now covered (voice rising in more dramatic pique) with a wooden box over the cross that “was put up originally to honor our fallen veterans which is just insane to me.” Kelly asked if anyone from a non Christian faith complained (what, are there non Christians in America?). Wanda Sandoz said that she has heard that and if somebody wants a Buddha or a Star of David, her answer is “that this cross was put there in 1934 by World War I veterans, that what they chose and they put it there to honor all war dead….” (Guess they didn’t care about non Christian war dead). The chyron advertised the anti ACLU group ("for more information") “Donttearmedown.com." Wanda claimed that “most people agree that the cross should stay as is.” Kelly wanted to know if his friend who put up the cross “could fathom, all these years later, that this cross would have to come down, this honor to our veterans may have to come down because of the ACLU." Kelly, abandoning any pretense of journalist objectivity, put up the picture of the box covered cross and said “look at this, this is just so ridiculous…such a shame.” Shackleford said that he thinks that the ruling will be reversed because this is not something that “this country will stand for.” (Guess he doesn’t care about those non Christians in this country.) Good Christian Kelly said, in another partisan moment, "all the best to you" and that Fox will be watching the case. I almost expected her to say that she would be praying for them!

I thought that Megyn Kelly’s show was part of the Fox “news” lineup and not an “opinion show.” If it’s news, she sure has a way of injecting her opinion into it. One hopes that at some point the ACLU will be interviewed so that the Fox audience can learn about the other side of the issue and the people who, contrary to Mr. Sandoz’s assertion that it was a park ranger, petitioned the ACLU to remove this cross from federal land. Some of these folks are the veterans whom Kelly thinks are being so disrespected: “A group of high-ranking retired military officers and government officials has joined the Jewish War Veterans, the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council, the Muslim American Veterans Association and other groups in filing amicus briefs supporting the position of the American Civil Liberties Union that a stand-alone Latin cross in the Mojave National Preserve is not an appropriate national memorial to American veterans… Such a message hurts the military as an institution, said the brief filed by former high-ranking military and government officials, who include Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, a 31-year veteran of the U.S. Army and former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell." Kelly doesn’t seem to understand that “the cross sends the message that the military values the sacrifices of Christian soldiers over those of non-Christians, the groups said.” But that isn’t surprising as the America of “America’s Newsroom” is a Christian nation in which all others, who don’t accept the cross of Jesus, are considered irrelevant and un-American.

Correction: Liberty University is connected to Jerry Falwell and not Pat Robertson.