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Fox&Friends Partisan Piece Promotes Christian Side Of Rifqa Bary Case – Again!

Reported by Priscilla - September 18, 2009 -

Rifqa Bary is the Muslim American girl who converted to Christianity and ran away to the home of an evangelical pastor whom she met on the internet. Her child custody case is still pending in Florida family court and has become quite the Christian crusade (or is it jihad!). Fox News has been all this case like flies on you know what and while they did have a few “fair and balanced” pieces, the preponderance of coverage was done from the perspective that Bary’s allegation that her parents will kill her for her conversion has credibility despite the evidence to the contrary. This morning, on Fox&Friends, good Christian Gretchen Carlson played a video showing Ms. Bary talking about her fears of murder at the hands of her father. The chyron was “Rifqa in her own words, teen shares her story via You Tube." Beside these words, highlighted in green and blue, was “Christian convert.” After playing the video (and we don’t know when or where it was done) Carlson asked “could Rifqa be sent back to the family she fears.” She then introduced the evangelical pastor who took Rifqa in and his attorney, Matthew Staver. ROFL, this is gonna be “fair and balanced,” yessireeee!!!!!

Blake Lorenz, who met Bary on the internet (yeah, that’s cool!?) is pastor of the Global Revolution Church in Florida. He and his wife took Rifqa in for several weeks “even though it's a misdemeanor in Florida to shelter an unmarried minor for more than 24 hours (the Florida Department of Law Enforcement won't say whether it's investigating the couple).” Mat Staver is the founder, President, and General Counsel of Liberty Counsel a group that is tied to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University Law School and which specializes in persecuted Christians. The chyron read “Refusing to return to Ohio, teen fears being killed for converting” beside “Christian convert.” Carlson said, to the pastor, “so many people want to hear from you because they want to know if this is a true assessment of fear…is she truly in danger.” (Right, like this guy can give an objective assessment?) Lorenz, not a clinician, said that she “truly fears going back to Ohio.” When Carlson said that “some people say” that Bary’s current Christianity is cultish, Lorenz, denied that they were a cult and were a “mainline belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ.” (Really? “Mainline Protestant churches are not “apocalyptic.”) He said that “people have been trying to make this out to a Muslim/Christian conflict…” (No shit, Sherlock, Fox News chief among them.) He added that this was all about what was in Rifqa’a heart and that was the “return of Jesus Christ.” (Yep, mainline church here). Carlson asked about how the fact that the Florida Court has determined that Bary’s life is not in danger would affect future court proceedings. Staver, not surprisingly, said that she could be sent back and that would be “terrifying” and despite court findings “that’s the real issue.” Good Christian Gretchen (deal with it Fox lovers) nodded her head in agreement and said how this is a complicated issue and (ready for the final Fox talking point), “you don’t want to be the judge who sends her home and then something happens.” (Is Gretchen playing the fear card?). Unlike with the past Fox&Friends segments, Governor Charlie Christ’s contact information was not shown.

Comment: In addition to Fox&Friends, the Rifqa Bary case is quite the cause celebre in the radical right wing Christian and anti Islamic community as detailed in People for the American Way’s “Right Wing Watch.” Neo-con Frank Gaffney, who was interviewed earlier, by Fox&Friends about the Bary case, says that if Bary is returned to Ohio, “it will be further evidence that America is succumbing to the stealth jihad that is inexorably insinuating that seditious Islamic program into our society.” Staver implied, during the interview, that that the key component to the court finding was that there was no physical abuse when, in fact, the report clearly said that she was in no danger and that all the right wing claims were bogus. But that doesn’t stop Fox&Friends from further exploiting the situation and providing even further validation to those Shariah fearing right wing Christians for whom Fox News is “gospel truth.” Can somebody give me an Amen!