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Fox Nation Resident Is "Proud To Be A Racist"

Reported by Priscilla - September 16, 2009 -

When Fox Nation inaugurated its website, this statement was made: "...How can we make certain that children of all races are fairly judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character? FOX Nation will be a forum for Americans to speak out on important and controversial issues, and to act on their beliefs and values--while always upholding the traditional American ideals of free speech, fair play, and tolerance..." Flash forward to now and there are twoFox Nation race baiting threads about a school bus fight involving black and white children. One of the threads is about the fight. The other is devoted to Rush Limbaugh's race baiting comment about how this incident shows that Obama is empowering blacks to do bad things to whites. (Really??)

Needless to say the threads are full of racist venom about arrogant blacks and victimized whites. But one comment really summed it all up in a statment that must have Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. rolling in their graves. If tolerance is an American value, it's not held in Fox Nation and if they're still part of the USA, this poster is certainly not a great American. Jim Crow is alive and well in Fox Nation which is an apartheid state of mind. One suspects that those who were responsible for the Alabama church bombing, in 1963, which killed four young African American girls shared the sentiments of this resident of Fox Nation. Why does Fox Nation hate America and seek to stoke the fires of racism in a country that should have put all this behind? Why? I guess racism is a "family value." Stay classy, Fox Nation.