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Another Defeat For Fox Nation - "Birther" Suit Thrown Out Of Court

Reported by Priscilla - September 16, 2009 -

Whenever the sentiment of Fox Nation seems to go their way, Fox Nation puts up a thread titled "Another Fox Nation Victory." The resignation of Van Jones was their most recent triumph. They were, however, dealt a defeat with the US Senate Confirmation of Cass Sunstein and now a "birther" suit has been thrown out of court. Not only has US District Court Judge Clay Land thrown out a birther suit brought by US Army Captain, Connie Rhodes, who fought deployment to Iraq based on Obama's illegitimacy as president; but the judge told Rhodes' attorney, Orly Taitz, that she could face serious sanctions if she files another "frivolous" lawsuit in his court. When I last checked Fox Nation, which looks kindly on the birther movement, this wasn't one of the topics. Fox Nation can't win them all! What a shame.