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Andrew Breitbart Whines To Hannity About “Impugned” ACORN “Stingers”

Reported by Priscilla - September 15, 2009 -

The recent ACORN "sting" videos (done in 2005?) have catapulted the “stingers,” young Christian crusading, prostitute/pimp playing Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe, into rightwing stardom. Not surprisingly Sean Hannity is all a gush over their work which has resulted in a “massive scandal.” Not surprisingly, Hannity has given two nights of face time on his show to Ms. Giles. Not surprisingly Andrew Breitbart, who “broke” the story on his new website, appeared, with Ms. Giles (her new “pimp?”), and talked about how the “mainstream media” ignored this story as well as the “Van Jones Controversy.” The highlight of the segment was drama queen Breitbart (looking only slightly less disheveled than usual) doing the usual right wing victim schtick. He whined that these two fine young people, whom he is “so proud of,” have been “impugned in the media”. Well, as they say, boo, freaking, hoo. Somebody call a whambulance!

College drop out Hannity demonstrated his language acumen when he immediately said “excoriated” after Breitbart’s “impugned.” (Gotta reinforce that propaganda). Breitbart continued the victimhood with “they trotted out, on CNN, Clinton era apologist Joe Conason” (and you’re not a Bush era apologist, Andy?) “to try and impugn these people.” As you will see from the CNN video, Conason merely mentioned that there could be liability for damages under Maryland law governing taping without permission– something not mentioned during the Hannity video. Conason said, rightly, that this isn’t journalism, but propaganda. He also added that O’Keefe *wasn’t willing to come on the CNN program. (Whassamatter, Jim, you fraidy scared?) That’s not “impugning” – but it’s reporting the facts – the kind of reporting that you rarely see on the "real journalism, fair and balanced" network which spends most of its time excoriating its enemies du jour. And as far as impugning – that’s what Hannah and Jim do for a living. Here’s the thing kiddos, if can give it, you’re gonna have to learn how to take it. Fox News won’t always have your back!

*Mr. O'Keefe's reason for not appearing on CNN here. Seems he just didn't like the way CNN reported the ACORN matter. Cry me a river, James.

Conason video below. Did he impugn those fine young people?