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Nothing More Important To Fox News Than Its Crusade Against ACORN, An Organization Devoted To Helping The Poor And Oh, Yeah, Minorities

Reported by Ellen - September 14, 2009 -

The same news network that has refused to condemn Glenn Beck for calling President Obama a racist (and has now reportedly lost 50% of Beck's advertising revenue) is now so fixated on its crusade against ACORN that it has made this issue its most important topic, more important than health care, more important than the H1N1 flu, more important than the economy. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the organization is dedicated to “social and economic justice.” We all know what that’s code for: Helping minorities! Just now, on the Fox Nation website, I counted 10 mentions of ACORN, 4 mentions of “health” and none for “economy.” That matches the rankings of the “top stories” of the videos on Foxnews.com, too. In order, they are listed: ACORN, Health Care, Tea Party Protest, H1N1. Fox News: The network that cares more about attacking ACORN than just about anything else. Screen grabs after the jump.