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“Independent Filmmaker” James O’Keefe And “Brokeback Priests?”

Reported by Priscilla - September 14, 2009 -

As Fox News has described Hannah Giles “sting” partner as an “independent filmmaker,” I was curious about his filmography. His “Live Action” (doesn’t that sound so porno) Planned Parenthood “sting” videos, starring Fox fave Lila Rose, are readily available on the “Live Action” website which is linked to from many of the anti-choice blogs. Hannity pal, radical anti choicer Jill Stanek praises one of his videos in which he talks to students who are “amassing” condoms in preparation for an orgy. Stanek describes it as “awkwardly entertaining.” It’s not available; but Ms. Stanek is trying to get it for us. Not surprisingly, his ACORN pimp videos are quite the rage in the anti-choice and right wing blogosphere. But I did run across a google citation for another video which seems to have disappeared from You Tube: Brokeback Priests: Priests tell Gays to Stay Gay. It’s done by O’Keefe’s “Veritas Visuals” which is the “company” that produced the ACORN videos. The description under the removed video is: “Ben and James go undercover in Boston and get homosexual advice from two Reformed "Catholic" Franciscan Ministers.” Wonder why it’s not available. Darn, I so wanted to see it. But based on what I've seen so far of O'Keefe's oeuvre, Quentin Tarantino has nothing to worry about!