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Hannah Giles – Who’s Her Daddy?

Reported by Priscilla - September 14, 2009 -

It’s not her “pimp,” “independent filmmaker” and future model for Halloween pimp costumes, James O’Keefe – although they’ve been traveling around together…nah, they’re good Christian kids so it’s all very chaste. I was curious about the background of this half of this young Christian crusading, dynamic duo who specialize in sting videos intended to bring down favorite right wing targets, Planned Parenthood and ACORN. Poor James’ Planned Parenthood videos were rejected by You Tube; but now he has hit the big time, at least on Fox News, with his ACORN exposes that are being taken as gospel truth. And I must say that Ms. Giles is quite convincing as a make a believe hooker - O'Keefe as pimp, not so much. When I looked up her biography, I found that, in addition to her articles on uber right wing Town Hall, she has a very interesting progenitor. Her real daddy is an interesting character and as the saying goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Hannah’s Daddy is none other than Doug Giles, media award winner (?) and “theologian,” who has a show on “Clash Radio.” He also writes (such as it is) columns for Town Hall. Giles is a man’s man who fights the manly fight against teh gay - a fight which includes Obama's "gay agenda." In a Town Hall article in which he castigates evangelicals who voted for Obama and demonstrated that he knows at least one word in a foreign language he said this: “In less than a week after Obama’s swearing in, our nuevo POTUS unfurled his radically liberal abortion and family plans together with his juicy pro-homosexual agenda.” (Juicy?? Hmmm…) His next sentence was quite amusing seeing how his chaste daughter is playing a prostitute: “Good job, all evangelicals who voted for Obama, as these aforementioned ditties—from a biblical perspective—are about as sanctified as the Antichrist French kissing a crack whore in Bret Michaels’ hot tub.” (WTF?? And ditties???) More of Giles’ bizarro worldview, which would be worth a chuckle if it were just a joke and not the “real American” insanity that is promoted on Fox News and Fox Nation, is found in this incisive article.

Giles is a manly man who, as noted above, is fighting that evil gay agenda. He touts the fact that one of his favorite “whipping posts” is the “metrosexual male.” (Hmm, whipping post, hmmm). In touting a manly man book, “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide: Recovering the Lost Art of Manhood” by Frank Miniter, macho macho man Giles bedazzles us with yet another stunning metaphor: “This Puss-in-Boots culture detests men who would be men. That’s why parents and grandparents who loathe what the media and various institutions are trying to do to our boys need Miniter’s new book more than Pelosi needs Jesus and a straight jacket. Frank has penned a manifesto for manhood, a veritable tour de force for testosterone that decisively rebels against the gush of this sassy society.”

Doug doesn’t believe in a wussy God who desires peace and social justice. Nope, in a Town Hall article Giles explained how God loves hunting. This man of machismo even calls out his co-religionists when he says, “Put an end to preaching by cheesy, whiny, quiche eating, and self-preening Nancy Boys ... right now! It freaks us meat eaters out. Get it? Hire a pastor who throws off a good John Wayne vibe instead of that metrosexual feeling” in an article titled “Where are God’s Warriors and Wild Men?”

Considering that a similar radical Christian, Pastor Wiley Drake, is praying for Obama’s demise, Giles exhortation to his readers (such as they are) is actually a bit frightening: “you must add to your repertoire of petitions you offer up to God Almighty what I like to call Dirty Harry prayers: radical prayers against the radically unrighteous direction our nation is headed. You heard me right. I said pray against this fetid mess… Theologians call these the imprecatory prayers, or maledictions. I call them Dirty Harry prayers, prayers to pull out and pray.” And yet the right wing still thinks that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is un-American. This is the kind of Christianity that Hannah was exposed to. No wonder she’s fighting against the hordes of Satan.

Growing up with a testosterone infused “God’s Warrior,” who is cross between Mancow and Ted Nugent, might explain Hannah Giles' motivation which is certainly serving her well now. She and her partner (and certainly not in a sexual sense), James O’Keefe have a bright future as right wing heroes. Their costumes, performances, and the fine quality of cinematography in the videos show that they also have a future in political pornography - especially the kind peddled by Fox News.