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What's God Got To Do With It?

Reported by Ellen - September 13, 2009 -

Despite claiming that the 9/12 protests were about "big government" and non-partisan, Glenn Beck and his guest, extremist Pastor Stephen Broden, demonized Democrats and advocated for a theocratic America. They never explained how God fit into the "big government" protest. With video.

Beck just couldn’t get through his 9/12 special program about the tea party protests without displaying a good dose of rank hypocrisy and dishonesty. One moment Beck was claiming that the protest was about "big government" and had “nothing to do with… the Democratic or the Republican Party.” In another, Beck was complaining that people don't understand “what has happened or who these people are that have control” of the Democratic Party.

To help elucidate, Beck brought on Broden. Don't tell me Beck didn't know the kind of extremist rhetoric Broden would offer or that he thinks Broden is a mainstream preacher. Broden has recently appeared on Beck's show as well as Fox & Friends, where he offered the same kind of unhinged views he would soon tell the 9/12 audience. Broden has also argued that the health reform bill being debated in Congress will lead to a campaign to exterminate black people in America. Maybe Beck figured that palling around with the African American Broden "proved" he's not a racist.

Sure enough, Broden soon viciously demonized the left as threatening the ruination of America and attacked the Democratic health care reform plan as an attempt to “depopulate” baby boomers. Broden topped it all off with a brief sermon about the threat of secularization in America. Beck described Broden approvingly as someone who “gets it to the core.”

Beck said at the beginning of his interview with Broden, “The cavalry has come just in time. The American people have just in time… I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see how we can clean this up and it has nothing to do with… the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. It has everything to do with both of them and cleaning up corruption.”

Broden was one of two African American tea party protesters Beck managed to dig up and speak with (Just as with Griff Jenkins in Washington, D.C., I could not see a black face in the Texas crowd behind Broden).

“You are a guy who gets it to the core,” Beck said to Broden. “I don’t think the average Democrat… understands what has happened or who these people are that have control of this Party now. Can you explain a little bit?”

Sure he could. In short, not only are the Democrats to blame for the country's ills, they are to be feared and demonized, not just for big government but for threatening the very moral fiber of America. And Beck was obviously pleased with Broden’s assessment.

“What we’re seeing is an orchestrated attempt on the part of what I call the Saul Alinsky group that is attempting to change this nation from one that was originally intended to be a free market enterprise… to one of a socialistic system… That which is being foisted upon us is not at all what the founding fathers had in mind,” Broden said.

Beck, who obviously likes to think of himself as a preacher, said, “This week I’m going to call for people to unite… I will announce the date on Monday and I would like all the pastors around the country… we were a nation founded on the principles of God… We must restore God in his rightful place because these rights belong to him and he is our biggest help.” All in the name of less government, I suppose – and, of course, more Beck.

Broden “absolutely” agreed. “What we are witnessing, and I say this – more than any economic problems that we’re facing, more than the threat that we’re facing relative to our liberties, we are facing a deliberate attempt on the part of the left to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage. What we see out here in Texas are men and women who are seriously concerned that their religious freedoms are under jeopardy right now. And I believe… that what we’re facing is not a problem with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. What we’re facing is an attempt to try to replace who we are as a people and who we are as a people is founded in our Judeo-Christian heritage. And we must stand up and resist this or they will replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with a socialistic doctrine and atheistic doctrine that is founded in a Darwinistic frame that does not consider the Divine. And that’s why we’re facing a serious challenge with this health care plan. Because what I think is happening here, is that there’s a group of elite, who are Darwinistic in their frame, trying to prescribe a solution that does not consider God’s evaluation as to who we are… (As Christians) we have a perspective of the value of life… so we do not craft a health care program that attempts to try to depopulate… the baby boomers who are flooding into the retirement ranks… This elite is prescribing a solution that does not consider who we are as Christians.”

Beck closed that bit of wing nuttery by saying, “Reverend, I appreciate it.”