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More “Soft Core” From Bill O’Reilly

Reported by Priscilla - September 13, 2009 -

Bill does seem to love his culture warriors segment because that’s when he, in the interests of hard core journalism, gets to go all soft core with his two conservative, blonde wingwomen Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover. It provides Bill with an opportunity to don his kinky boots in order to educate his viewers about the decadent state of American culture – and during the “family hour,” too!!!! But before voyeur Bill got into the meat of the Pamela Anderson PETA ad, he did warn his viewers about the upcoming racy video – which he played over and over.

At the beginning of last week's "Culture Warrior" segment, Bill informed us that CNN rejected a PETA ad featuring Pamela Sue Anderson engaging in a little costumed and accessorized frivolity with a very buff young man. Suffice to say the action did distract from the message ;)! With a gleam in his eye and a smile on his lips, Bill introduced the “edited” version. (Getting creepy) One suspects that Bill wished he could have been in the video. Bill claimed that the ad was supposed to have been run at the airports on the “CNN things that nobody watches.” (So, Bill, why are you wasting time on this? Huh?) Gretchen and Margaret giggled. O’Reilly referenced Ms. Anderson’s “little gloves which I hope were not” (he shouted) “leather.” When Hoover joked about how this was about the ethical treatment of animals and the way Ms. Anderson was pushing around the man wasn’t ethical, Bill said “do you think he objected to it.” (Getting creepier). While she was blithering about PETA using nudity, the ad was played again. Her claim that PETA uses this to get attention was certainly underscored by the entire segment. When Bill asked if this was “good or bad” (Bill, you’re being very naughty) she said she wished they weren’t talking about it. The ad continued to play while Carlson said that CNN made the right decision because children would see it and “that’s a sex act position” that was being shown. Ladies man, Bill said “we know it is.” (Ya think!). Bill, tongue in cheek (ewww), said “at least she didn’t have any weapons.” This opened the door for Carlson who, thinking he was being serious, said “she has a weapon, this is total bondage what she’s doing.” Bill and his stable had a big laugh over Gretchen’s not picking up on Bill’s weapons joke. (Getting totally creepy).

Bill obviously didn’t totally satiate himself as the next topic was an anti AIDS ad, with sexual imagery, from Germany in which the guy having sex was Hitler. The line at the end of the ad was “AIDS is a mass murderer.” Bill said that in Germany, any reference to Hitler is verboten. Bill wanted to know if the message of the ad was worth the shock value. While Carlson blithered about how “shock value” is the only way to get people’s attention about AIDS, the portion of the ad, featuring erotic foreplay and blurred nude figures, was shown. Hoover said that the use of Hitler’s image shows how far the Germans have come since the war and that they have “self flagellated for decades.” I don’t know if O’Reilly didn’t hear her correctly or just wanted her to repeat the phrase because he said “self actualated, is that what you said.” She repeated what she said (Very creepy moment here) and Bill said “oh, self flaggelated, with a whip.” (WTF!!!!) I did find it ironic that they discussed the hideous historical legacy associated with Hitler imagery which the Teabagging community uses in connection with the first African American president of the US - iconography that was popular at yesterday's Washington protest.

Comment: You just can’t make this stuff up. But seriously, how offensive is it for “journalist” and Bill O’Reilly to engage two educated women, on an almost weekly basis, in discussions about prurient topics with accompanying videos. Is it some kind of domination thing in which Bill gets to play the alpha male while they smile and giggle at him? I guess the money is good and they work hard for the money…