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Fox Nation Encourages Vile Homophobia

Reported by Priscilla - September 13, 2009 -

Fox Nation is a Christian nation which hates gays and, like the members of the Westboro Baptist church, sees them as an "abomination." A recent thread concerns a gay African American man who is suing a bible publisher because he feels the bible portrays homosexuals in a negative light. (Ya think!). Obviously, this is a minor story of no national significance - but not to Fox Nation which just can't waste an opportunity to foment homophobia and hatred of those not sufficiently Christian for Fox Nation. The comments are predictable as they are mostly about how gays are sinners and will be thrown into the depths of hell. But I've included a cross section of what passes through the "filters" of Fox Nation. Laura Ingraham was quite upset about what was on an Obama website. Guess she's never seen Fox Nation. I do wonder if the good Republicans in Fox Nation know about "The Log Cabin Republicans" and if they do, would they consider them "an abomination." Suffice to say that Fox Nation hates a large segment of the real American nation. Fox Nation - a place for the American dream which in their case is a nightmare of intolerance and stupidity which has resulted in attacks against the American gay community and murder of gay American citizens at the hands of those who share the same views as those seen on Fox Nation. Thanks Fox Nation for more "mutual respect."

We have the "abomination" comment and a lewd remark about petroleum jelly. We also have the uninformed gay man (and not pedophiles) as child abuser and predator meme. (guess they don't know that heterosexuals men abuse girls). And then we have a comment about how gays are parasites on society when gays are highly represented in the educated professional community. But if ignorance is bliss, these Fox Nation cretins are in wonderland.