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Bill O’Reilly Accuses American Civilian And JAG Corps Lawyers Of Treason?

Reported by Priscilla - September 13, 2009 -

Remember when the right wing had their nice, white panties in a bunch over Nancy Pelosi’s remark, in reference to the town hall screamers, that “drowning out opposing views is un-American.” Fox quickly rallied its troops to denounce Ms. Pelosi who was, according to the “logic,” trampling on First Amendment rights. But in yet another example of the glaring hypocrisy of the right wing, one of its talking heads (and a large one at that), Bill O’Reilly, is accusing his fellow Americans of being “seditious.” First amendment for me and not for thee is Bill’s mantra as he, once again, bedazzles us with his knowledge. But as the saying goes, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and his recent column shows just how a little knowledge could be dangerous in that it will serve to rile up an already riled up “right American feeling wronged.” Once again, Bill scapegoats his favorite targets, without reporting the whole story. And in so doing he will, once again, generate more divisiveness and hatred in an already divided America in which one group (Bill’s pals) see themselves as “real America” – those, like Bill, who are pure of heart and body and who are fighting a culture war against the forces of evil, librul secular progressive nihilists for whom the First Amendment doesn’t apply. That includes the John Adams Project, a group run by the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, which in the spirit of John Adams “seeking justice,” is banding together to assist in the defense of those facing prosecution at Guantanamo.

Bill’s recent column uses 9-11 to demonize those who are using their First Amendment rights to make sure that justice is served. He describes a couple who lost two sons on 9-11 and how he is “outraged” that their memory is being sullied by the John Adams project – "a group of subversive Americans affiliated with the ACLU who are sneaking around taking pictures of CIA agents who may have interrogated captured al-Qaida guys in the wake of the Sept. 11 attack.” Bill, who obviously has no problem with anti choicers doing sting operation videos against Planned Parenthood, goes on to say how this “insidious outfit” believes that the USA is a “human rights violator.” (I guess for America’s Daddy, Abu Ghraib was just the kind of fun stuff he fantasizes about!) He claims that “after taking the surreptitious photos, the Adams Project then passes them on to lawyers representing incarcerated terrorists, hoping that an accused man will, in turn, accuse a CIA agent of torturing him.” He then whines (or is it brays) about how the librul press isn’t giving what he thinks is the requisite publicity about this “nasty business” which, is being investigated by Attorney General Eric Holder. He gets in a dig at the hated NY Times which, he asserts, “buried the story on page A-20.” He accuses this project of “putting American lives in jeopardy.” He complains that the Valerie Plame story got much more press and asserts that “This is a thousand times worse than the Plame affair, which saw top Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby convicted of a felony while the press largely celebrated.”

As stated on their website, the John Adams Project (which includes Janet Reno) is concerned about the constitutionality of evidence obtained, against their clients, as a result of torture and thus, “counter to American traditions of fairness and justice.” (A totally alien concept to authoritarian O’Reilly who was beaten by Catholic nuns in grammar school and whose father had anger issues.) The Project is assisting military defense lawyers who are defending those detained at Gitmo. Where Bill got the idea that they are “sneaking around, taking pictures” is anybody’s guess. What he is referring to and what he didn’t explain is that the Justice Department is, as noted by the NY Times, investigating whether the military lawyers illegally showed their clients photos of CIA interrogators obtained from the Adams Project. These JAG attorneys, who are considering calling the CIA interrogators as witnesses, were questioned by the FBI. Justice is not commenting on the matter. Despite Bill’s allegations that the press is burying this story, the Washington Post also covered it. Bill didn’t note that the military lawyers feel that the investigation is meant to intimidate them. If Bill had read the WAPO story he would have seen that “It is unclear whether the military lawyers under investigation identified the CIA personnel in the photographs to the al-Qaeda suspects or simply asked the detainees whether they had ever seen them. It is also unclear whether the inquiry involves violations of federal statutes prohibiting the identification of covert CIA officers or violations of military commission rules governing the disclosure of classified information, including to the defendants.”

But Bill is outraged about this terrible thing and is making darned sure that his readership is equally outraged. But like so much of what Bill says, it’s what he doesn’t say that’s important as that provides context for the whole story. No CIA agent has been outed – as with Valerie Plame. No smoking gun or scorching expose here. There has only been questioning regarding a procedural issue. The military lawyers are taking information from the Adams Project which would seem to make these JAG officers, in Bill’s eyes, as treasonous as the civilians. (Is Bill being a "patriot" or a "pinhead" here?) Recently, in a Talking Points Memo, Bill was upset that pundits at MSNBC were questioning the racial implications of the angry Town Hallers. He said: “Now there is something very disturbing about a major corporation, GE, allowing its news division to brand regular Americans as racist and fascist because they oppose a public policy…I mean, think about it. Folks are using their Constitutional rights to protest a health care policy they believe will harm them and the country, and a powerful corporation…that’s unbelievable.” The John Adams Project and US military attorneys are using their Constitutional rights to protect defendants. Fox News is allowing its “news division” (opinion shows?) to brand regular Americans, including the US military, as traitors. Hey Bill, pot meet kettle!