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Glenn Beck’s Guest “Hannah” - “ . . . One Day I Was Jogging After Work And I Saw An Acorn, Um, I Was Like, Hmm, You Know, I’ve Never Seen Them Before, I Don’t Like Them . . . And, Um, I Came Up With The Idea.”

Reported by Julie - September 12, 2009 -

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. Here’s the deal. As reported by Newshounds, the ACORN “money trail” Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly tried valiantly to follow to some corrupt end fell flat, so Beck is on a new mission against ACORN – catch them on tape saying SOMETHING, and bust ‘em out, pin ‘em to the wall, expose them in all their people-of-color badness for all the neo-con world to see. Shoot, the best start for a Beck and Fox News wet dream is a bunch of black people sitting in a room being bad, and on Thursday (9/10/09), Beck hosted . . . . With video.

Wait, did Carrie Prejean dye her hair . . . no, wow, we’ve got a new young hottie, grown no doubt on one of Fox News’ pretty-young-right-wing-thing farms. Public, meet Hannah Giles, seemingly dumb as a post and pretty as a picture – who earned the eternal admiration of Beck due to her role as the “woman who posed as prostitute to expose corruption at ACORN.” Little Miss Hannah Giles: A "summer intern" with the Young America's Foundation, the same group whose spokesman, Jason Mattera, posted a racist message about Justice Sotomayor on his Facebook page, which said, “If Sotomayor gained life experience from The Ghetto, does that mean she’d have a tendency to shank Scalia?”, a columnist for Townhall.com, and the daughter of Townhall.com columnist Doug Giles.

I hope Hannah doesn’t get cocky with her moment in the sun, though, ‘cause she’s certainly not the first Fox News-approved sleuth. A couple of months ago Fox featured the little darling of the right, Lila Rose, an anti-abortion cutie who slinks into Planned Parenthood offices and tries to set the workers up to say naughty things she can catch on tape so she can have a “gotcha” moment and, I don’t know, get a 5-minute interview on Fox.

Okay, so what’s the front page? Beck began his segment by telling his viewers, “Stop playing politics and stop listening to these clowns . . . .” He then went on to talk about $100 billion dollars in debt “every five weeks” to pay for “corruption, for special favors, special people . . . these dirtbags, I’m sorry, did I say that out loud?” Enter ACORN, the “dirtbags” he was referring to. Beck played a clip of an ACORN worker (in Baltimore) discussing with Hannah (who portrayed herself as a prostitute) and partner-in-sleuth, conservative activist and filmmaker James O’Keefe (who played the pimp role) and who, incidentally, was also involved with the Lila Rose anti-abortion sting, how to handle the whole federal income tax thing if you’re a prostitute, and seemingly turning a blind moral eye to young girls allegedly coming to the U.S. from El Salvador to work as prostitutes. Roll the clip.

So bring on Hannah, the sweet little undercover thug – oh, did I say that out loud? – trying to play it off like she has no real clue as to what ACORN is, and who’s begun to slither into ACORN offices to do her “secretly recorded” thing. Boy, the right-wingers sure love those conspiracy games, love those “ah-ha” moments – well, as long as the catchees are left-wing organizations that work to help the impoverished and people of color. Are there some bad acorns? Sure, even Fox has a few of those: A little sexual harassment here, a little child porn there. It's rather noteworthy that CNN reported that the pair of supersleuths tried the same game at other ACORN offices, in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, and failed; and it's also worth noting that, as reported by CNN, the video tape "has been edited and goes to black in some areas."

“Why did you do this,” Beck asked Hannah earnestly.

“To expose ACORN,” Hannah said in a monotone. “I saw them as a thug organization that was getting my tax dollars . . . I want to be a journalist, I had a summer internship with the National Journalism Center . . . and they set me up with a job, but one day I was jogging after work and I saw an ACORN, um, I was like, hmm, you know, I’ve never seen them before, I don’t like them . . . and, um, I came up with the idea, I was, like, what if a prostitute walked into ACORN, had no legal paperwork at all, and wanted a house to set up her business. And I called up O’Keefe because I knew he would be down for something like that . . . we planned for six weeks and we went to Baltimore.” (Emphasis mine.)

Beck, wisely, chose not to pursue a discussion of why, if she’d never seen “an ACORN” before, she didn’t like them, and why she would come up with the prostitution-tax sting on her own when she had “never seen them before.” Whaaaat?

Beck sardonically asked her “the question that the other people would ask you . . . who paid for all this, why are you doing it, who are you working for?”

“I . . . drained my savings to do this project . . . .” Hannah asserted. Hmmm, drained her savings, with all those connections through Young America’s Foundation and daddy and O’Keefe and Townhall.com? Well.

Asked by Beck what the “most shocking thing” was, she said that, at the end of the Baltimore “thing,” they were leaving and she [the ACORN worker] gave her a $100 discount to do the taxes “because I’m a new business person trying to establish myself and, you know, bring underage girls in for a sex company.”

Beck mentioned that ACORN called her crusade “a smear campaign.”

“Obviously, because they’re guilty,” Hannah-who-had-never-seen-an-ACORN-before replied.

While fake-prostitute Hannah sat primly with hands folded, Beck talked to Fox News analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, to confirm the illegality of these acts. Napolitano said that ACORN is “funded by the federal government [yes, $13 million from Bush alone], which imposes certain standards,” and that “this particular woman . . . was uncritically helpful in facilitating criminal activity . . . .” Napolitano cited eight potential charges, and said, “Beyond that is the fact that she enabled, she helped . . . .” He said there could be five years in prison for each charge, “And I rattled off about eight of them.”

The one he didn’t rattle off is the one about whether Hannah and O’Keefe broke Maryland law by secretly recording the ACORN workers.

“ACORN’s supposed to help the community – is this helping?” Beck concluded sadly.

A few bad ACORNs shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch, Beck – unless, of course, you want to admit that Fox News is permanently tainted by its own little brushes with sexual deviancy. And, come on – is this a true WHAT ARE YOU THINKING moment for Beck or what? He did not seriously bring in this 20-year-old goofball, Hannah, who is not only up to her neck in her association with a racist organization, Young America’s Foundation, but obviously did not think this little scheme up on her own just because, “. . . One day I was jogging after work and I saw an ACORN, um, I was like, hmm, you know, I’ve never seen them before, I don’t like them . . . and, um, I came up with the idea.”

Jeez, I’d hate to see what she’d think up if one day she’s jogging and sees a squirrel.