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Hannity Gives Obama Heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson A Dose Of Republican Rehab And Fundraises For Him, Too

Reported by Ellen - September 11, 2009 -

Great American Hypocrite Sean Hannity – you know, the guy who accused Democrats of emboldening our enemies and undermining our troops when they criticized President Bush – has no problem with Rep. Joe Wilson, the Congressman who shouted, “You lie!” at President Obama during his address to Congress Wednesday night. In fact, Hannity made a deliberate effort to rehabilitate Wilson’s tarnished image on Hannity last night (9/10/09) by helping him “prove” that he was right to call Obama a liar in the first place. Hannity also made a blatant fundraising pitch for him. With video.

Hannity first teased the segment by whitewashing the incident which not only earned the disapproval of Wilson's own Party members but provided a cash boon for Wilson's 2010 opponent, Rob Miller. Miller has now raised more than $700,000 in less than 48 hours. “(Wilson) challenged the president during his speech last night. Congressman Joe Wilson is here to discuss his so-called outburst and his apology. Plus we’ll debate the merits of what he said,” Hannity announced.

By “debate” Hannity meant he and the Congressman would do their best to justify Wilson’s remarks and persuade the viewers that Obama had, in fact, lied.

Hannity introduced the segment by saying, “The issue of health care reform is one that inspires passionate debate… the controversial topic caused South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson to speak up.”

“You’ve already explained – I don’t think we need to cover old ground… that you’re sorry you spoke out,” Hannity said.

That left more time to attack Obama.

Hannity went on to claim that, contrary to Obama’s statement otherwise, it’s disputable “whether or not illegals are covered” in the health care bill.

“They could get the insurance,” Wilson said. He claimed to know that because he sits on a committee that “considered the amendments” and then followed the amendments from other committees that killed a requirement for proof of citizenship. But PolitiFact, who gave Wilson’s “You lie” accusation a “pants on fire” rating, pointed out that there’s nothing in the bill that changes the status quo. Right now, PolitiFact noted, hospitals are required to treat severely ill people regardless of their immigration status. While it’s possible undocumented immigrants may be allowed to purchase health insurance under the new plan, they’d be paying for it. And they are free to purchase health insurance now. Not surprisingly, none of that was brought up.

Wilson reiterated his apology “for speaking out” but quickly added, “But what was said was not accurate.” In other words, he was calling Obama a liar all over again but with more tempered language.

“Let’s talk about this,” Hannity said enthusiastically. “Because Congressional Research, they actually investigated this… and what they found is the direct opposite of what the president said.”

Once again, Hannity seems to be demonstrating his reading comprehension problem. As Media Matters reported, and their research seems to concur with PolitiFact’s about what the CRS actually said, Hannity’s interpretation is a distortion of their report.

Wilson seems to have a similar reading comprehension problem in that he repeated the same falsehood, that there would be “no restrictions” on illegal aliens to “fully participate in the programs.”

Laughably, both Hannity and Wilson insisted they had read “every page” of the bill.

“I agree with Congressional Research Office on immigration,” Hannity said. Meaning, of course, he agrees with his misunderstanding of what the CRS said.

From there, Wilson moved on to fearmonger about the Obama administration: First, that it would sneak abortion on to the public dime by way of a commissioner with “czar-like powers (who) can do virtually anything they want to do, including abortion coverage.” Then it was time to scare viewers that health care would be rationed. “Instead of a delay getting a car (as in the “cash for clunkers” program), people will be delayed getting health care.”

Hannity continued by complaining about “feigned outrage… this phony civility” and a “double standard” from the Democrats. Project much, Hannity? Just one day previously, he was all outraged that Obama supposedly called insurance executives “bad people,” even though he hadn’t. Climbing up on his hypocritical, high horse, Bullyboy Hannity cranked up the phony baloney Hanctimony about Democrats attacking “Stay at home Moms and grandmothers and veterans at town halls. We know Harry Reid once referred to the President of the United States as a liar and a loser.”

“There really is (a double standard)” Wilson agreed, before he quickly added that he respects the president and the office of the president.

But before the segment closed, Hannity added, “I have a link on my website for those that want to support you.”

And I've got a link on mine for those that want to support Wilson's opponent, Rob Miller. Click here and we might make it a million dollars in a week.