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Fox&Friends – Where Jesus And Hooters Hang Out

Reported by Priscilla - September 11, 2009 -

In Britain, Rupert Murdoch’s “The Sun” has “Page Three Girls” – a clever use of well endowed women to sell newspapers. In New York City, Rupert Murdoch’s “Fox&Friends” provides the media “exposure” to sell a “family” show that allows viewers to affirm their Christian outrage against a secular society while oogling Hooters Girls. It’s strange – there seems to be a contradiction between the two; but Murdoch has something for everybody and women as “handmaidens,” bringing sensory satisfaction to their men, does seem to be a fundamental precept of the new Christianity which has no problem parading a good Christian supporter of non opposite marriage, wearing only slightly more than the topless “Page Three Girls,” around like USDA meat on the hoof. Whereas in Britain Jesus is no longer the main attraction, Murdoch knows that, in America, Jesus and hooters are big money makers. Hence, the frequent appearance of “Hooters Girls” on America’s home for victimized Christians, Fox&Friends, which is sure to make its viewers feel that holy spirit – one way or another! Win $50 worth of Hooters wings and praise the Lord. Hmmm, gotta love those “family values.”

Wednesday is “Wingsday” for both Fox&Friends and Hooters – a day when Fox&Friends can keep us abreast on a way to win Hooters chicken wings. Fox is very upfront about their sponsorship of “Hooters.” This past Wednesday, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade) was “proud” to introduce his “Hooters Girl” who came bearing wings. In addition to her talents serving up the juicy wings to America’s salivating men, she is also a Hooters “calendar girl.” When Kilmeade's wing man (or is he, never mind...), Doocy came on the set (stop it!!!), Kilmeade said that Steve was hungry and “happy to see you.” (What was that old line about the banana in the pocket – whoops sorry!). Doocy immediately grabbed a wing, from the plate that was held at chest level where the “Hooters” logo is placed, and proceeded to masticate. The Hooters Girl did say that she just graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in actuarial science so I guess there’s life after Hooters. Kilmeade said that he was once a waiter; but he imagines “that her tips are better.” (Freudian slip there, eh?) Kilmeade gave her the opportunity to say “Steve and Alyson, the ball is yours.” It should be noted that her posture was quite erect. Kilmeade joked, to Steve, that the ball was tossed to just Alyson because “your mouth’s full.” (A little Freudian “projection” perhaps?). Alyson Camerota said, “I’ll handle this one, don’t get any on me.” (Honest, that’s what she said!!)

Truly your moment of Zen!!!