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Good Christian Bill O’Reilly Mocks Rev. Wright’s Christianity

Reported by Priscilla - September 10, 2009 -

America’s Daddy, Bill O’Reilly, is back from a brief vacation and while not toned and tanned, he’s as smarmy and smug as ever. Tuesday night, in his “Reality Check” segment (and one does question Bill’s sense of reality!) he included a video of the right wing’s favorite “villain”, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, saying bad things about the right wing (a truly oppressed minority if there ever was one.) Wright had the audacity to say that “I think that the racists in the right wing are upset because poor people are about to be helped” – a legitimate point given that much of the outrage over health care reform comes from the same group of Teabaggers whose concern with Obama’s place of birth might suggest a racial animosity and those shouting racial epithets at Palin rallies. These are “Christians” whose credo seems to be "Jesus and me and the hell with thee.” But rather than engage in a serious discussion of this, professional Christian Bill O’Reilly decided to mock Rev. Wright in a video for which the official Fox title includes the phrase “Reverend Wright’s Outrageous Comments.” Wasn’t there something in the Bible about “casting the first stone…”

After Bill played the video, he raised his hands and said, sarcastically, “sometimes I get the impression that the Reverend does not have love in his heart. I guess I could be wrong.” Excuse me – helloo??!!! – can we talk hypocrisy here!!! How loving is it for professional Christian and culture war fighter, Bill O’Reilly, to lie and smear on a regular basis? I seem to remember that the Catholic Catechism doesn’t look too kindly on that. Hey Bill - How loving is it for you to say, two weeks after her rape and murder, that Jennifer Moore was asking for it? How loving is it to say that a kidnapped child enjoyed his captivity? And constantly describing a doctor who performed a legal surgical procedure of being a “killer” – not very “loving” if you ask me! And if you want to talk outrageous comments from clergy, how about Pastor Wiley Drake praying for Obama to die!! Now that might be worth a chuckle or two. And given your viewing audience, I suspect that they might add an amen to that.