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Fox News "Pimpin" For Andrew Breitbart?

Reported by Priscilla - September 10, 2009 -

Poor Drudge pal Andrew Breitbart. As a Hollywood conservative, he just doesn't get any respect. But he does have a brand new website which he launched today and to give him the Fox News boost, the Fox News website has an article about Breitbart's launching, lede article - a "shocking expose" on ACORN doing dirty deeds dirt cheap. The Fox article, "Pimpin for Acorn," has a video, which "purports to show ACORN workers advising woman posing as prostitute how to lie to IRS."

The article states that the video was made by "independent film maker" James O'Keefe. As law enforcement doesn't seem to be involved, yet, we have no way of knowing if the video has been edited - which is what ACORN alleges. But James O'Keefe is no Michael Moore. He's a 24 year old anti-choice zealot who, with Lila Rose, engage in video "sting" operations at Planned Parenthoods across the country. Not suprisingly sweet, lil Lila is a Fox fave. (Planned Parenthood is not!) As a minority organization with ties to Obama (two categories not popular in right wing circles), ACORN is not a right wing fave and is constantly accused of "voter fraud" (like Ann Coulter?) when the reality (regarding voter registration) is very different. In the case of the recent 11 arrests warrants in Florida, the Miami Dade State Attorney General praised ACORN for bringing the matter to her attention. But Fox does heart its fellow traveller Andrew Breitbart and it was "might white" of them, as Breitbart's "john," to give him a little free PR for his new website when CNN and MSNBC are ignoring his genius. But thanks to Fox News and Fox Nation (never one to miss an opportunity to foment some good, old fashioned American racism) which has "Explosive Undercover ACORN video," this important information is going viral in all the "right" quarters. And btw, if Fox is Breitbart's "john," what does that make Breitbart? I report you decide!