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Oh Look, Something You Don’t See Everyday On Fox&Friends –More Persecuted Christians

Reported by Priscilla - September 9, 2009 -

Fox&Friends, that old time religion show, sure does love those victimized Christians. (Somebody call me a whambulance!). This week’s persecuted Christian is California, public school dance teacher Kathy Villalobos who was fired for playing dance music with Christian lyrics (and really schlocky stuff at that.) Villalobos lost her wrongful termination suit; but is filing an appeal and for this Fox news gives thanks.

Doocy, in introducing the scenario, played a piece of the song with these lyrics: “Gathered in the love of Christ, we are one in the family of God.” (Didn’t have a good beat and you certainly couldn’t dance to it!) When asked about her having been fired, she claimed that she had a spotless record for five years and that 7 days after somebody complained, she lost her job. Doocy seemed aghast that “somebody complained because they thought the song was too religious?” (uh, ya think!). She said that the complaint was the reference to Jesus (ya think!) Doocy did note that the school district indicated that she frequently cancelled and missed classes. She claimed “character assassination” and that she has a “mountain of evidence” to rebut the charges. Her attorney, Brad Dacus is with the Pacific Justice Institute, a group that defends persecuted Christians and fights teh gay as demonstrated by his comparison of the fight for Prop 8 being comparable to the battle against Hitler. He claimed that the attendance issue, in Villalobos’ case was a smokescreen, adding that his group is going to embark on a nationwide crusade to make sure that this kind of religious discrimination doesn’t occur in America. Doocy said that they will be watching to see what happens. The title of the video is “God is life, was teacher fired for playing a religious song.” The question should be “is playing Christian music, at a public school, a violation of the establishment clause?”

Comment: Persecuted Christians are a small number on a nationwide scale. But if you watch Fox&Friends, you’d think that they were legion. But here’s the thing - do you think that Fox would give a platform to a teacher fired for playing the Internationale or an Islamic chant. Playing songs about Jesus is not appropriate in a public school classroom where there could be Jews, Buddhists, Unitarians, Quakers, or non believers. The title of the video is “God is life, was teacher fired for playing religious song.” The question should be “was playing a religious song in a public school classroom a violation of the establishment clause and grounds for termination?” Recently, in Kentucky, a high school football coach led members of the team on a trip to a Baptist church as part of a "team building" exercise. In addition to a school bus transporting students to a religious activity, the mother of one of the boys was very upset about her son being baptized, at the service, without her permission. Think we’ll see this mother on Fox&Friends? Don’t think so – on Fox, not all Christians are created equal. Onward, suitably conservative Christian soldiers, marching as to Fox News….