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Fox News' Unbalanced Town Hall Coverage

Reported by Ellen - September 8, 2009 -

Media Matters did the counting. During the week of August 24, Fox News aired 22 clips of town hall attendees opposed to Democratic plans for health care reform, none of supporters. During the same week, Howard Kurtz, of the Washington Post, noted, "Twenty members of Congress might have held calm and collected town meetings on any given day, but only the one with raucous exchanges would make it on the air... After the president convened a low-key town hall in New Hampshire, press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters: "I think some of you were disappointed yesterday that the president didn't get yelled at." There was a grain of truth in that. As Fox broke away from the meeting, anchor Trace Gallagher said, "Any contentious questions, anybody yelling, we'll bring it to you."