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Something You Don't See Everyday On Fox&Friends - Another Upset Anti Obama Parent!

Reported by Priscilla - September 6, 2009 -

Just kidding. Let's see, earlier this week Fox&Friends interviewed an upset parent about the upcoming Obama school address. Yesterday, another upset parent, Teabagger Katrina Pierson, was also interviewed. And this morning we have, as part of the Fox Nation coupling (but in a chaste, heterosexual way) with Fox News (drum roll please) yet another upset parent. So much for fair and balanced - but wait, wait a minute. Yesterday afternoon, in a news segment about a Catholic school district that isn't doing the president's speech, there was a quick statement from one parent who said that he didn't have any problems with Obama indoctrinating his kids. Whew, I knew that Fox News is "fair and balanced" and they never let me down.

Amended - As noted by the Fox lovers, my spelling of Clayton Morris' name was incorrect and I gave him the name of "the Lone Ranger." This has been corrected. Sorry Clayton, I'm sooo bad.

Second stringers Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs interviewed Shelly Harrington about this upcoming Marxist event with FoxNation.com on top of the opening chyron. It isn't surprising that they would pimp Fox Nation in conjunction with this demonic outrage because if there is ever a group of upset white people, it's Fox Nation. Ms. Harrington, whose accent suggests a "red state" provenance, said that her daughter will not be at school; but will do a home assignment about the national debt and how long she will have to work to pay this debt off. (Hey Shelly, were you this upset when Bush got us into this debt?) She will then write letters to her congressmen telling them how she feels about this number. Briggs referenced how Obama will encourage children to take responsibility for their education and asked her what part of that she objects to. When she said that she didn't have a problem with any of that, Morris (who wasn't exuding the kind of loving feeling that she would have gotten from the the weekday 3 right wing stooges) asked why the child is being kept home. Shelly channelled teabagger Katrina Pierson when she said that "she didn't trust this administration." (Hey, Shelly did ya still trust Bush after it was proven that there were no WMD's). More right wing talking points with "he has bulldozed his policies down my throat" and it was her job to provide her daugher "with morals and standards, religious views, it's not the government's place." (So working hard is a religious view that is now considered heretical - oh, I'm so confused.) The chyron read "Class crasher? President to speak to US students." Despite the fact that the "letter writing" activity was eliminated, Briggs asked her if that first "set her off." She said that she's afraid that he's going to push an agenda that so many Americans don't agree with (Yep, he's going to promote teh gay, I knew it!) "onto the children and the "children will start influencing the parents" instead of the other way around. (WTF??) Morris referenced how liberals criticized Reagan's school speech because he talked about taxes. The chyron asked the question "Lend me your hear, teachable moment or political platform." To Morris question of whether she would have pulled her daughter of that class, she replied "probably not" (Quelle surprise!) because she had "more faith in that administration." In closing, the chyron read "class crasher, president to speak to U.S. students."

Comment: While the questions provided a modicum of challenge, it was the same old message that just keeps getting repeated by people whose partisanship seems to outweigh their intelligence. But repitition is important for propaganda. This morning on Meet the Press, Tom Friedman said that this tempest in a teapot was very, very stupid. But you won't hear that kind of comment on Fox News (and Fox Nation) which embraces victimized white "Heartland" (i.e. "real) America - feeling wronged again.