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Reality Based Commentary About Surreal Fox&Friends Experience

Reported by Priscilla - September 5, 2009 -

Nate Silver is a statistician who runs "538: Politics Done Right" - a blog in which he analyzes political statistical data in order to make his own predictions. He garnered accolades for correctly predicting the winner of 49 out of 50 states in the presidential race. In a recent blog post, he recounted his experience being interviewed by Fox & Friends. Suffice to say, what transpired is not suprising especially the part about having been given a last minute "talking point" that had not been discussed in a telephone conversation the night before. But beyond the general ineptitude, the comment about how the konservative kids segued into Brittany Spears was amusing. Talk about "from the sublime to the riduculous" - and we know which end of the spectrum (and no, not a rainbow, God forbid!) Fox&Friends occupies!


"This past Friday, I woke up at the crack of dawn to do an interview for Fox and Friends. As I walked into the studio on the ground floor of the News Corporation building, a producer, the urgency apparent on her face, handed me a printout of an article indicating that Barack Obama's approval rating had dropped to 50 percent in the latest Gallup poll, which is where it remains as of this morning.

This is modestly unorthodox, for what it's worth. I've done a few dozen television interviews now and have never before been handed a piece of paper with what I guess are supposed to be that day's discussion points. But this is a morning show and Obama's approval numbers were not a topic that I'd discussed the previous night with the producers; they wanted to make sure I was prepared. No harm there, I suppose...

As for that interview, incidentally, it was one of the more aggravating experiences that I've had in my brief "career" in politics. The host misread his teleprompter (that's the generous interpretation), introducing me as someone who had correctly predicted "29 out of 50" states last November, and then recited a series of pre-spun questions, seeming flummoxed afterward that I hadn't agreed verbatim with his talking points and complaining aloud that the very smart conservative who was supposed to have been on the panel with me (a last-minute cancellation) hadn't been there (to "balance" me, I suppose). Then as I was leaving the studio past a huge trailer serving Johnsonville Brats, they launched into a segment about Britney Spears and Alzhemier's. There was just no pretense of trying to do anything even vaguely resembling the news. I'm not reflexively anti-FOX; in fact, I'd had a couple of good experiences last year on Shepherd Smith and on their business channel. But as for their morning program: Wow. I've never met people more terrified of what might happen if they actually tried to engage in a rational discussion."


P.S. - To All You Fox Lovers, thanks for reading News Hounds.