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Unrepentant Bigot Hannity In No Position To Be Complaining About Van Jones "Racism"

Reported by Ellen - September 4, 2009 -

Sean Hannity, perhaps feeling left out of the Glenn Beck racism controversy, or maybe just because he has a penchant for attacking African Americans, joined the Van Jones witch hunt with a vengeance last night (9/3/09). Hannity repeatedly attacked President Obama’s “Green Energy Czar” Jones as a radical racist and called on an all white, almost all conservative guest line up to assist him in his condemnations. Hannity repeatedly demanded that Jones be fired for making “racist,” “radical” statements in the past, before he went to work for the White House. The broader attack, of course, was on President Obama for having hired Jones, with the obvious implication that Obama is likely a racist radical, too. Yet not one person on the show pointed to a single professional action of Jones that could be construed as racist or radical either as part of the Obama administration or before. But Hannity ought to be careful about the guilt by association game, especially regarding race. He has quite a lengthy, record of associations with bigots. He also has a lengthy record of animosity toward African Americans. With video.

Besides not citing any actual radical, racist acts of Jones either in or out of office, not one person bothered to tell the “fair and balanced” network’s audience that he is the co-founder of ColorOfChange, the group that has now successfully persuaded 57 advertisers to stop advertising on Beck’s show. Just a coincidence? I report, you decide.

Hannity began the segment by trumpeting the “new and disturbing information” about Jones that, according to Hannity shows "he is not fit for office.” Apparently, the new and disturbing information was that Jones had signed a letter by the “infamous 9/11 Trust organization” asking for an “immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.” Hannity forgot to mention that the letter was very lengthy and called for investigations into many other aspects of 9/11. Jones now says he did not carefully review the letter before signing it and has issued a statement saying that the letter “certainly does not reflect my views now or ever.” He has also apologized for calling Republicans "assholes" in a remark made before he joined the Obama administration. But of course, while an apology from Duane "Dog" Chapman for his n-word rant was enough to garner a full hour of image rehab from Hannity, the apology from Jones was barely considered.

Hannity continued, “The fact that the president would not only allow but appoint a man who harbors these conspiratorial beliefs to serve the United States should provoke not only concern but outrage among all Americans.”

Really? Then where’s the concern and outrage for the birther conspiracy theorists which Hannity not only did not condemn but promoted and legitimized on his show?

“Jones has also revealed himself to be a race baiter,” Hannity said. He played a clip of Jones “accusing white polluters of targeting minority communities.” Hannity, who seems to be obsessed with black racism toward whites, referred to the clip at least twice in the segment.

“So was President Obama aware of Van Jones’ views before he appointed him to high office? And if not, just how dysfunctional is his vetting process? The only thing that is clear in all of this is that Jones must be fired.”

The first two guests were the usual Thursday night Greek Chorus of loud-mouthed conservatives, Kimberly Guilfoyle and S.E. Cupp. As usual, the two guests echoed Hannity's charges of racism and radicalism against Jones. Guilfoyle once again demonstrated that she’ll say almost anything to get face time before the camera, without bothering to check her facts. “This is an individual that doesn’t have the qualifications to be in the bizarre job that he’s in and it just raises the issue here about these czars gone wild. This is someone who actually doesn’t even like the United States of America, wants to reshape it, remake it into something that we would not even recognize and what’s so wrong with this country that we have an individual like this coming in meddling in our affairs that has no idea what he’s doing, who really is traitorous in his comments against this country. That’s the problem.”

I’m sure that Guilfoyle must have a good explanation for why HarperCollins, sister company to Fox News, seemed to think Jones is very qualified on the subject of green czars and made no mention of him being a radical or a racist in their About the Author page when they published his book, “The Green Collar Economy.” I’ve asked her for her explanation by emailing her at lineup@foxnews.com.

Then it was time for Hannity to start preening over being “right” in his accusations that Obama is a radical. “Sean Hannity was criticized, you know, up and down because I focused on the radical associations, Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist, Jeremiah Wright. It’s not just him. We have a whole list of ‘em… I think the president IS Jeremiah Wright. I say he IS Bill Ayers, not the terrorist, but the radical Bill Ayers.” It was unstated, but obviously implied (especially with Hannity’s emphasis on Jones’ “anti-white” statements) that Obama IS the "racist" Jones.

Hannity said, “Now it’s hit critical mass in light of the recent statements that we now have discovered. So the question is, will the country rally and demand that these guys be fired?”

Going by Hannity's criteria, then he IS white supremacist Hal Turner (currently in jail for threatening three federal judges in Chicago), Hannity IS Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who has repeatedly assailed African Americans as racists on Hannity's show. Not only did Hannity continue to invite Peterson back on the show, Hannity continues to serve on the advisory board of Peterson's organization. Put Hannity together with Glenn Beck and the question is, will the country rally and demand that these guys be fired?

If you'd like to ask Fox News what they think of Hannity's bigoted associations, you can email hannity@foxnews,com.