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The Rockefeller Code: As Told By Glenn Beck

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 4, 2009 -

Reported by Jonathan

Remember when I compared Glenn Beck's antics to that of the Irish rock band U2 (again, full apologies to Bono and company for the comparison)? Everything he does must be bigger than the last show, whether he's crying on national television , or making a "joke" about poisoning the Speaker of the House, or exploiting his cerebral-palsy daughter - and it must either be incredibly shameless or jaw-droppingly insane. Wednesday (9/2) on the Glenn Beck Program, the TV crybaby's 8-minute rant on supposed "communist" art found at NBC's Rockefeller Center, with countless implications that the Rockefeller family, along with the progressives, have slowly left their mark in trying to turn America into a socialist nation, managed to top most of the stunts he's done in shows past. With Video.

Here's Beck's main argument, in a nutshell: the Rockefeller family, the ultimate capitalist-loving dynasty, were, in fact, communists and had known ties to fascists. The evidence? Hidden in artwork throughout the NBC headquarters in Rockefeller Center are symbols going back to the imagery used in communist propaganda or symbolizing communism in the U.S.S.R., including a sickle, weeds, a hammer, a blurry painting of a man that looks like Vladimir Lenin, and other obscure references Beck was able to pull out of his backside.

Now if this kind of globe-trotting hunt for hidden clues sounds familiar, that's because it is. It's basically a rehash of The DaVinci Code, with Glenn Beck playing Harvard symbolist Robert Langdon in place of actor Tom Hanks, and none of the fun of Dan Brown's captivating plotline.

At the end of Beck's daydream/Da Vinci Code moment, Glenn reminds his viewers that if they're feeling lost and the country is rapidly changing, it's because the progressives of the 20th century and the progressives of today are in the same boat in trying to turn the country of the red, white and blue into a socialist nation. It’s the viewers’ job now to point out these “facts” to others, and to raise the same nutty questions and report the same inane findings that he has .

Glenn - I know Robert Langdon, I enjoy watching Robert Langdon go on his globe-trotting, race-against-time symbols quests, and you, sir, are no Robert Langdon.