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Fox&Friends Provide Pulpit For Anti Obama, Anti Choice, Death Panel Preaching Pastor

Reported by Priscilla - September 3, 2009 -

A couple of weeks ago, Fox&Friends interviewed a conservative Christian pastor (whose right wing creds are burnished by his anti-homosexual views) about reforming health care. Not surprisingly, Bishop Harry Jackson opposed it. And now, this morning, the conservative kids hosted yet another African American pastor who also opposes health care reform based on fear that the Obama administration will “depopulate the elderly” and “control the population.” It’s not surprising that Fox News, which seems to be the voice for the extreme anti choice lobby, would interview Texas Pastor Stephen Broden (a McCain supporter) as he, as does Bishop Harry Jackson, believes that Planned Parenthood is part of a conspiracy to eliminate black people. Not surprisingly, he recently appeared on Glenn Beck’s mother of all conspiracy shows to promote this twisted and misogynist view that obviously doesn’t see black women as being capable of determining their own reproductive destiny. Beck also allowed him to say that the Obama administration is a bunch of “Marxist radicals.” What is interesting is that African Americans overwhelmingly support Barack Obama; yet Fox&Friends is tapping two, radically right wing, African American ministers to denigrate health care reform which is not supported by the Christian right. Broden described Obama’s plan as “mendacious.” What is mendacious is how Fox&Friends are promoting the propaganda. Mendacious though it may be, it’s still very transparent!

The Republican right wing loves to play the fear factor card. But despite the fact that the health care bill is not about pulling any plugs on anybody, the myth continues – aided and abetted by Fox News which, as seen on this Fox&Friends, doesn't attempt to rebut any of the preposterous bullshit. Broden took it one step beyond in his bizarre scenario of how as baby boomers are stressing Medicare, the end of life counseling is to “depopulate” the ranks of social security beneficiaries. He added that we don’t have enough workers coming into the system to fund medicare and social security so that’s why end of life counseling is really part of a plot (cue the black helicopters) to get rid of those who are costing the most. Not surprisingly he mentioned the name of John Holdren and Rahm Emmanuel’s brother Zeke who are part of this evil plot to do forced abortion and sterilization. (Uh, if we need to bring in more “new” people, wouldn’t this be a bit counter intuitive? But I digress…) Not only did the kids let him continue with this strange line of thought; but Doocy said “that is really something” and did the “Fox Reach Around” in summarizing Broden’s theory (“you see it as a numbers game”) – which, of course, gave Broden more opportunity to articulate his bizarro world view that end of life planning is really about convincing people to die. Broden claimed that because of abortion, there are fewer people coming into the labor force and that illegal immigration is supported because we “don’t have enough people entering into the work force.” Good pro life upskirted Christian Gretchen Carlson said “right.” Broden continued with how God is absent from an “atheistic system” which seeks to get rid of people and that is “mendacious.” Carlson asked a great propaganda question: “Do you feel it’s disingenuous for the president of the US to reach out to the religious community to try and pass health care reform?” Rather than ask “how do you feel about the president reaching out…” Carlson worked in a descriptor that is a right wing talking point knowing that Broden would agree. He claimed that Obama is “unfriendly” to the Christian community because he passed executive orders including “abortion on demand” (WTF!!!) and stem cell research. Another propaganda point was scored with a comment about how Obama didn’t engage in the (Focus on the Family sponsored) “National Day of Prayer” and worked in another propaganda and possibly anti-Islamic point with “he (Obama) had plenty to say about Ramadan." There was great irony in his statement that “ideologues will do anything to get their ideas into play” as this whole piece was unrebutted ideology. Broden ended by saying that there’s “something evil” going on.

Comment: Wow. What a piece of “fair and balanced” reporting. Ya got yer evil Obama administration trying to snuff out granny and evil abortion all in one. Carlson and Doocy allowed this man to preach for almost the entire segment without one contravening word. There has been no “abortion on demand” executive order. The only order was the lifting of the odious “gag rule” which related to overseas women’s health clinics being able to talk about abortion as an option. Unmentioned by the Fox automatons on the couch, was the fact that mainline Protestant and Jewish groups overwhelmingly support stem cell research. Worse was that they let him get away with spewing nonsense. What I, as a staunch supporter of a woman’s right to an abortion, found truly “mendacious” was what seems to be Broden’s underlying position that abortion needs to be criminalized in order to increase the population – women as brood mares. Talk about “mendacious.” But in viewing this piece of propagandistic dreck, one can understand why Fox viewers and Townhall Teabaggers are so ill informed. And for a “news” network to promote biased “information” - now that's "mendacious."