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Ellis Henican Slams Laura Ingraham on The O’Reilly Factor: The Most Bogus Outrage I’ve Heard All Day

Reported by Julie - September 3, 2009 -

Laura Ingraham sank to a new batshit crazy (to borrow a phrase from Dan Savage) low on last night’s (9/2/09) O’Reilly Factor in the Unresolved Problem segment when she – hold on to your hats, folks – harped about a post that the Heritage Foundation “discovered” on mybarackobama.com that “invited fellow users to call their senator on September 11th to push for healthcare reform. The posting disparaged Fox News, of course, and called healthcare opponents ‘right-wing domestic terrorists’ and ‘anti-democratic forces of hate . . . the post has since been removed by the DNC, which runs the website.’” Hmmm, I think I’ve heard that phrase “domestic terrorist” somewhere before, and a niggling memory tells me, yes, I’m quite sure the anti-American accusation (pretty much the same sentiment as anti-democratic) has been tossed around . . . let me think really hard . . . I know it wasn’t the left . . . ah, it’ll come to me. With video.

“Is Barack Obama’s team using 9/11 to sell his increasingly unpopular healthcare plan?” Ingraham queried.

Tell me it ain’t true, Laur. You aren’t really wearing fuscia and lemon yellow, are you? Well, don’t worry – the crucifix totally saves the outfit.

But on to more serious things – like this manufactured outrage about some blog post. You’ve got a problem with town hall protesters being called “right wing domestic terrorists”, do you? Where was your outrage, Ingraham, during the election when Palin became a broken “Barack Obama pals around with domestic terrorists” record? You’ve got a problem with protesters being called “anti-democratic forces of hate”? Where was your outrage when Palin called some segments of the country “not pro-America?” Where was your outrage when Palin said of Barack Obama, "This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America." And this unresolved problem you have about “using 9/11” . . . where was your outrage in September 2008, when John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republicans hijacked 9/11 at the RNC, displaying graphic images of the towers falling, to ramp up their “We've Kept You Safe Since Then” agenda and use it to try to win an election? (As Keith Olbermann noted, “Doesn't then count?”)

Ingraham, working hard on being outraged, noted that “anyone can get on there [mybarackobama.com] and start posting things . . . Why don’t they have filters up . . . .?” Don’t let me lose my train of thought here, folks – I’m formulating something about those “filters” she’s so fond of, and I’ll get to it in a bit.

Fox News contributor and “expert on the far left” Ellis Henican swiftly shot her down: “This may be the most bogus outrage I’ve heard all day – this is the public posting part of the webpage . . . I get some really smart people posting stuff on my pages and also some total nitwits . . . this isn’t . . . an Obama official . . . this is some dope out somewhere who says some stupid stuff and the minute the grown-ups found out about it they took it down. So tell me again what’s wrong here?”

“. . . It’s not just some guy posting something on a website,” Ingraham whined, clearly frustrated that the shoe is on the other foot, “. . . We also have Democrats over the last several weeks . . . calling the town hall protesters brownshirts, comparing them to Timothy McVeigh, they’re the mob, they’re not representative . . . these all are statements made by Democratic leaders. . . and then this posting comes along urging people to use 9/11 to call their senators in stopping the domestic terrorists . . . I think this thing came out of a larger sentiment of, vilify the town hall folks . . . .”

Villify the town hall folks! Villify the town hall folks? How about a little commentary, Laur, about the town hall folks vilifying our President? You could barely restrain your glee, Ingraham, about Republican thuggery disrupting the town hall meetings. I’ve posted a number of times on the town hall rallies, about signs bearing swastikas, signs with Nazi references, and signs showing President Obama as the Joker. And let’s not forget that these right-wing, oh-we’re-just- concerned-citizens, oh-we’re-just-average-Joes, protesters are bringing guns – real, bullet-shooting guns! – to the rallies.

Okay, so now I’ve got to address the whole Ingraham hypocrisy on the website “filters” thing – and I can make the point in two words: Fox Nation. Anybody ever visit that site? Fox Nation is endorsed by none other than Laura Ingraham and others at Fox News, and the site stinks of racism and violence and hate – much of it directed toward our President. Where are the filters? More importantly, where’s the outrage from Ingraham about the filter-less Fox Nation and its unfiltered comments from a huge segment of the population completely lacking a moral center?

I wish O’Reilly didn’t take such long vacations.