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Glenn Beck To Get Key To The City Of Mount Vernon, WA

Reported by Ellen - September 3, 2009 -

From Janet Shan, at the Hinterland Gazette:

Bud Norris, the mayor of Mount Vernon, WA., has decided to present right wing talk show host Glenn Beck the keys to the city in a ceremony on September 26th. Norris said Beck will deliver a short talk (0r rant) that night and become the first person to receive a key to the city in the six years Norris has been mayor. Wow, so I guess Mayor Norris has set the standard so low that anyone who "makes it big" from his city will be awarded with a key. I thought this was reserved for people who have led by example and have tirelessly supported worthy causes. Not someone who is a hatemonger.

Shan goes on to note that Mayor Norris admits he and Beck's parents were friends, but that he insists the award is not a political payback for campaigning decades ago, but a recognition of someone who is from Mount Vernon. Nevertheless, many of Norris' current constituents are not pleased with the decision.

KOMO News reports: "Protesters from the Skagit County Young Democrats walked outside city hall Tuesday with protest signs, one reading "Change the locks!" They called it "totally inappropriate" to give a man who labeled President Barack Obama a "racist" a key to the city."

Jesus' General has a great post on this, noting, "I bet Mayor Norris would be grateful to hear how you support his decision to give Glenn Beck the key to the city. You can contact him at (360) 336-6211 or mvmayor@mountvernonwa.gov." (Note: I've replaced Jesus' General email with the correct one.) You might also consider giving the Skagit County Young Democrats a donation so they can busy themselves and not ruin Beck's big day. You can reach them at ydskagitcounty@gmail.com.

Jesus' General wrote one of his own inimitable missives to Norris, pointing out that Beck probably will not have the same courage in accepting the award as Morris showed in bestowing it: "You might not be able to coax him up onto the stage to receive his key to the city if he spies one of the 192 black or 6,589 hispanic citizens of your city. Beck reacts to melanin as if it's a big hairy spider with huge fangs. He's deathly afraid that darkly-hued-skinned people are plotting to give us all the swine flu." Highly recommended reading!