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Fox&Friends Support Blacklisting and “Stomping Out” Professors Who Aren’t “Fair and Balanced” – ROFLMAO!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - September 2, 2009 -

No, they’re not playing Santa; but rather channeling that McCarthy era sport of drawing up lists – as in “black lists.” Taking a cue from their favorite political era, the good old days of publicly denouncing anyone deemed “commie,” young college Republicans are now drawing up lists of today’s “commies” – college professors deemed too liberal. In the spirit of “what’s old is new again,” today’s “conservatives” are doing a reprise of John Birch days of bobby sox and black lists in an attempt to bring back the “good old” and “happy” days of paranoia about those who are attempting to destroy the world as we know it. So it’s not surprising that Fox&Friends, a show that yearns to bring us back to the halcyon days of father knows best, is giving some face time to a young Republican who isn’t going to take it anymore so he’s making a list. Liberal college professor baiting – it’s so retro chic. Joe McCarthy would be so proud.

This morning’s Fox&Friends segment was yet another propaganda piece about the evils of liberal bias in education. (Of course there’s no bias in doing a piece that presents just one side of the issue, no sireeee) The opening chyron read “Calling Out Liberal Professors, Stomping Out Liberal Biases On Campus.” Hmmm, “stomping out” – is that like a 50's dance step or are we talking jackboots and brown shirts here? Inquiring minds want to know? Steve Doocy started off by saying that “liberal bias” on campus is “nothing new.” (Hey, not even a minute in and major propaganda point scored – yay!!) He said that at the University of Toledo, students “have had enough and are taking matters into their own hands.” (Sooo Howard Beale). I had flashbacks to the old televised HUAC hearings when Clayton Morris said that these students are taking names and turning in professors who aren’t fair and balanced.” (ROFL – just like your show!). He introduced the snitching big (literally) man on campus and president of the College Republicans, Matt Rubin. While the chyron read “Stoppping Slants In Class, Should Teacher’s Viewpoints Public?” Rubin said he had “great” professors whose bias is up front" (The chyron read “Objectivity on Campus, Keeping Politics Out of Classroom”) and claimed that those they’re “going after” are those who “go on rants about conservative beliefs” and exploit things like the Iraq war. Doocy did the “Fox reach around” in explaining what the group was doing (listing teachers who weren’t “fair and balanced.”) while the chyron read “Listing Liberal Professors, University of Toledo GOP group posting names.” Rubin gave an example of an alleged offense to poor, victimized college conservatives. Of course, the professor wasn’t there to refute the allegation. Doocy did more “reach around” when he again summarized: the professor is saying “it’s my way or the highway. If you don’t think like me, you’re not going to pass the course.” While Rubin said that this doesn’t include all professors, it’s “those who are doing the wrong thing and that’s what we want to get rid of, we want to end this liberal bias.” (Propaganda home as this is a meme that is invoked constantly on Fox&Friends. Yay!!!) In response to a question about where this list is located, he gave the website so that Fox&Friends illuminati can start sending the threatening e-mails. Not surprisingly Rubin said that they’ve been under some criticism and people compared him to Joe McCarthy. (YA, THINK!) He then continued channeling McCarthy when he gave the g-mail address for reporting liberal bias so that people could "see" the liberal bias. Being the great “fair and balanced” journalists that they are, neither Doocy nor Moore asked what the upshot of this would be - Show trials? Firing squads at dawn? Actually, given the proclivities of the righteous righties, the professors could get death threats, but in the interest of “outing” who cares!!! Who knows, but the “truth is out there” on the blacklist site. Doocy ended by saying that if any college student in the audience has witnessed “liberal bias” they should contact Fox&Friends. He claimed that there would be no list and that they just wanted to see the e-mails. (Yeah, riiight).

Comment: Maybe they are like Santa after all cuz they want to know “who’s naughty and nice.” Young college Republicans are coming to town!!!! Monday, Tuesday, happy days…