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Why Doesn't Beck Stand Up And Defend His Claim Obama Is A Racist?

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2009 -

Eric Boehlert has an excellent column today about Glenn Beck's cowardly reaction to the advertiser boycott that occurred in the wake of his accusation that President Obama is a racist. Given that Beck has not apologized for the remarks, why doesn't he stand up for them and explain to his audience what he meant and why he said it? Boehlert writes: "Right now, the pathetic, squishy approach he's taking where he limply lashes back while pretending the ad boycott sprang from some mysterious place -- where Beck plays the victim and pretends he never made the "racist" smear -- is just too lame for words. I'm sure even folks who don't regularly tune into Beck would be fascinated to know how Obama, whose mother was white and who was raised by his white grandparents, suffers from an abiding hatred of white people and "white culture," as Beck claimed.... Hey, maybe if Beck does a good enough job, he'll even win back some of his lost advertisers."