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Mike Huckabee's Fair and Balanced Discussion Of Rifqa Bary Case

Reported by Priscilla - September 1, 2009 -

As I noted in my thread about Shep Smith's coverage of Ted Kennedy's funeral, I'm willing to give credit where it is due and in this case, credit goes to both Mike Huckabee and Alyson Camerota for a reasonable discussion of the Rifqa Bary case. (August 23rd). Huckabee made the point that "there are millions of Muslims all over the world and not all of them believe in killing their children." Camerota referenced how the parents have said that they have never threatened their daughter. The chyron used the word "claim" in referencing the girls allegations. Huckabee said that runaway teens create "barriers" to their going home but that the Florida authorities need to investigate this thoroughly. Camerota mentioned, in light of Rifqa's internet meetup with the Christian group, how parents have a legitimate fear of children meeting unsavory types through things like Facebook. Huckabee said that "religion can be a lure" and cited a terrible Arkansas child abuse case. He added that you can't ignore the parents right to be parents. Wow, if only the rest of the coverage were like this, it would be "real journalism, fair and balanced." (So far,it's three fair and balanced and 5 not so much - you do the math!) Taken as a whole, the coverage that I have reviewed seems almost schizophrenic in its "split" and very inconsistent approach to news. It's very confusing....although that might be part of the strategy. Go, figure!