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Glenn Beck Pretends To Be A Uniter, Not A Divider

Reported by Ellen - September 1, 2009 -

After an opening segment of hate mongering against President Obama, Glenn Beck announced on his television show yesterday (8/31/09), in his sincere voice, with a quiver, as though he might start crying, “We have got to find a way to each other. I think this whole system has been built to cause each other to hate each other.” So just to prove what a uniter he is, Beck called on Pat Caddell, the “Democrat” whose Fox News career seems to be based on talking like a Republican. In short order, it was business as usual and Caddell began fear mongering against the “radical,” “extremist” and “dangerous” Obama administration and suggested they were solely to blame for the divisions in our country. Beck not only didn’t seem to mind the inflammatory language, he looked quite pleased. With video.

Beck began his “The One Thing” segment, the editorial that opens his television shows, by saying, President Obama’s “radical advisors are there for a reason. They are fighting a revolution.” He went on to attack Obama advisors Mark Lloyd (Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer, Federal Communications Commission) and Van Jones (Associate Director, Green Jobs, Council on Environmental Quality). Jones just happens to be the now inactive co-founder of ColorOfChange.org, the civil rights organization that launched an effective campaign against Beck’s advertisers after he accused President Obama of being a racist and having “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” But neither Beck nor his producers seemed to feel that relevant enough information to provide the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers.

Chin in hand, Beck leaned into the camera and immediately framed the discussion by laying the problems at the Obama administration’s feet. “You are concerned for our republic as I am," he told Caddell. "We don’t agree on much but we agree that America is a good place and the Constitution is good and that’s our system… This is not a Democratic or Republican… problem. This is a problem with radical revolutionaries holding positions of power.”

Caddell was introduced as "so much a Democrat, former senior advisor to President Carter. That's a Democrat." Yeah, a "Democrat" whose last work as a Democrat seems to have been almost 30 years ago. However, Caddell also noted he has worked for Walter Mondale, Mario Cuomo and Gary Hart. Not exactly a current crop of up and comers. It was soon apparent why.

Caddell was true to Democrat-bashing form. “This is very disturbing to me,” he said. “There are things we agree on about our liberties that far exceed anything we should care about about our Parties. What we have now, is this division… Let’s get this right. From my perspective, I think this is a threat to the Democratic Party. It’s a threat to the president. These are extremists. I mean, I’m listening to this stuff, I’ve looked into Lloyd, and I want an answer and I want it from my president’s roommate who (sic) he appointed as the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. And Congressman Clyburn’s daughter… who is the minority whip… in the House. And I want to know what credit they take for Lloyd.” Caddell went on to knock Lloyd for having worked at the “Soros-financed” Center for American Progress. “Uniter” Caddell added, “We are getting one extremist after another.” Caddell went on to launch an attack of his own on Cass Sunstein, “regulatory czar,” whom Caddell described as “so far out there… I know people in Hollywood who think he is dangerous, being in charge of regulation.”

Beck looked delighted. “Here’s what I want to ask you. How do we get Democrats… I mean Americans that are concerned about our country… to say, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you building here?... We’re not Communists! We’re Democrats.’ In other words, Beck's vision of unity is to have Democrats join with Republicans and oppose the Obama administration.

Caddell claimed, “A lot of Democrats agree with me. They’re starting to really worry.” He said he gets “all the phone calls” because, he laughably boasted, “I long ago gave up being a hack,” and added, “I’m a born again virgin when it comes to politics.”

Caddell continued, “We’d better speak up because this is going to undermine our politics – plus they’re up to things like the FCC that scare me and it’s really frightening.”

Reaching across the divide, Glenn Beck style.