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Glenn Beck "Defender" Has Unsavory Connections

Reported by Priscilla - September 1, 2009 -

As a result of a campaign, by "The Color of Change," a number of advertisers have dropped their sponsorship of Beck's TV show on the Fox "News" network. And as a result of this, Beck is actively smearing the founder of the group, Obama environment advisor, Van Jones as a "commie" based on Jone's early political involvment. Needless to say, Beck's smears are as grounded in reality as the rest of his twisted and paranoid worldview. But thanks to Think Progress and "News Corpse," another site that watches the whacky world of Murdoch, we have some information on the group behind a website whose purpose is to defend Glenn Beck. In fact, it's name is "Defend Glenn." And if you want to see somebody with some junk in the trunk, look no further than this site which exists to promote the same kind of base racism and paranoia that Beck peddles.

H/T Think Progress, News Corpse

According to their website, "Defend Glenn" is a 501c3 group that is a project of the United States Justice Foundation. According to Source Watch, the US Justice Foundation seeks to advance a conservative viewpoint and once claimed that political assassinations are just ducky. The Executive Director is Gary Kreep whose past associations connect him to organizations that the Department of Homeland Security should be monitoring as these groups do have the potential to engage in domestic terrorism. Kreep (great last name!) has served as general counsel to the Minutemen Civil Defense Corpse - a militant nativist group which the SPLC considers "extremist." He has been honored by Operation Rescue, a group that seeks to end abortion in the name of Jesus. He is a co-founder of The Family Values Coalition, a very creepy group, that also pushes extreme positions involving reproduction, gays, and church/state issues. But here's the best part. He's a birther and has been hired by fundamentalist "Christian" pastor Wiley Drake to pursue a lawsuit regarding President Obama's birth certificate. Wiley Drake is praying for Obama's death. He also said that Dr. George Tiller's murder was the answer to another prayer.

So while Glen Beck is babbling about past "commie" connections, he should consider that his pals don't have clean sheets (although I'm sure they're white.) Van Jones is doing something constructive for this country. Gary Kreep is just trying to tear it down - like Glenn Beck. Gotta love those American "family values!"