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Fox’s Cavuto Covers Health Care Reform By Attacking African Americans For “Playing The Race Card”

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 1, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On yesterday’s (8/31/09) Your World, Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr. of STAND attacked Democrats and liberal blacks for supposedly playing the race card on health care. He said the left was using "a familiar tactic and it's got to stop, because we need to have a substantive debate about health care, not start name calling, and sadly, many on the left seem to use race anytime they're losing a debate on the merits. I just think it's important for black people and other minorities to stand up and say stop using us." Funny how he didn’t seem to mind the name calling coming from the right, right there on Fox News, from Beck, Hannity, Coulter, Malkin, Levin and more. But it’s a safe bet Fox won’t penalize Jackson for that one-sidedness. Chances are good they’ll want him back again soon.

Instead of debating the actual role of race in the nation’s health care or even health care, itself, host Neil Cavuto diverted the discussion and attacked Gov. David Paterson, (D-NY) who also happens to be an African American. Cavuto said, "Recently, we heard Governor Paterson essentially make the same argument with a radio reporter speaking about his troubles." He played an audio clip of Paterson saying, “We’re not in a post-racial period and… the next victim on the list… is President Barack Obama.” Never mind the context, Cavuto’s sole interest in playing the clip was obviously to use it to attack African American Democrats. Cavuto prodded Jackson, "You say damage is done every time a statement like that is made."

Jackson replied with his own gratuitous swipe at the left and African Americans. "I think that if the racial period is not over, it’s because a lot of people on the left, a lot of black people on the left won't let it be over. This is not a racist country, most Americans don't care about race anymore, but there are some people who just won't let it rest, and every time they bring it up, I think all they do is serve to discredit themselves."

No argument from Cavuto. He probed prodded further. "You're saying it’s not that racism is over, it’s just that constantly using it as a crutch for your own failings that are regardless of color is just stupid, right?"

Jackson agreed. "If you keep raising the race card every time, it gets a little old… and I don't think you get anywhere on the merits of the argument. We need to have debate on the merits of the argument, Neil, not name calling." Funny how Jackson didn’t seem to mind that no debate on “the merits of the argument” were happening right there.

Still dodging the issue of health care, Cavuto moved on to prod Jackson into attacking Obama as a racist. "What do you think of what the President has been performing as President? Many of his sharp critics, as you know, Bishop, have been saying he has kind of returned to the race game – when he spoke out on the Massachusetts arrest of that professor outside his own home, that these are his basic inclinations. What do you make of that?"

Jackson took the bait. "The left is imbued with a preoccupation with race. Everything is about race, everything is about balkanizing the American people into little interest that groups that they can control, and I believe that the President is a part of that, sadly."

They never did discuss health care or the role of race in health care. Where were “the merits” Jackson thought needed to be discussed instead of name calling?