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Fox&Friends&Bill Donahue Fight Nazi-like “Nihilist Revenge”

Reported by Priscilla - August 31, 2009 -

In a galaxy right in our own backyard, the saga continues. Not only is American society threatened by evil “secular progressives” out to destroy American Christians – but the “nihilists” are taking their revenge. So it’s time for the Christian Jedi knights to take up their Jedi cross and kick some nihilist ass! Yep, it’s whining time again for American Christians and there to provide a shoulder to cry on (and in Donahue’s case a pulpit to rant from) is Fox&Friends. And if there was ever a hardcore Christian Jedi warrior it’s ole Bill who channels Joe McCarthy in his denunciations of – no, not commies, but - homosexuals and Jews (“Hollywood Jews” were also the target of the Republican rabble rouser.) It’s not surprising that Donahue gets a platform on Fox News which stands strong as a conduit for those who warn the “empire” about those evil lubrul forces who are out to get them. Joe McCarthy would be so proud….

The video title says it all: “Secular Sabotage, Revenge of the Nihilists.” Good Christian (yeah, it’s snark for all you Fox lovers, deal with it) Steve Doocy set the stage by asking the rhetorical question about whether America’s “norms” are becoming extinct. (If it’s intolerance, Lawd hear our prayers!) He went on to say that the Bill Donahue of the “Catholic League” (a rabidly right wing group) thinks so (No shit, Sherlock!) and it’s already under way (are ya scared, yet?). Doocy added that Donahue exposes the group behind the “attacks on Judeo Christian traditions” (gays and Hollywood Jews?) in his new book, “Secular Sabotage.” (So red baiting, so retro chic!) Bill is blaming “extremist liberals” who have “become very, very vocal.” (Like Townhall Teabaggers?) Bill seems to be stuck in a Cold War parochial school time warp because his talking points were quite similar to those used in 50’s Catholic schools – “all out assault, militant dogmatic atheism” (Uh, Bill if you want to talk dogmaticism….) “out there to get us.” (Hmm, love the smell of paranoia in the morning!) They chyron didn’t even have a “Cavuto Mark” but stated as fact: “Culture War, The Attack On Judeo Christian Traditions.” He referenced “disaffected Catholics and Protestants” who are trying to change their religions. (Uh, Bill, that’s what happened during the Reformation and if “non Catholics” want to change their religion it ain’t your business.). He then got into the Nihilists who are “trying to tear down the cultural edifices of our society.” Doocy did the “Fox reach around” with Donahue (eww) when he said that the Church has been around for hundreds of years and these people want to change it. (Yeah, Doocy, like when your church said women didn’t need to cover their heads during Mass?). Donahue said that he didn’t have problems with some changes but when they want to “radically reorganize it” – that’s a problem. (He didn’t specify what this “radical reorganization” is). He pompously pronounced that if they don’t like the Catholic Church, they can leave. (Uh, yeah Bill, many are doing that).

When Doocy played a snippet of a Penn&Teller comedy routine satirizing the Vatican. (Isn’t Penn Gillette a libertarian who attended a Texas Tea Party?) Donahue went into a rant (he should don nun drag with ruler for Holloween!) about CBS and Showtime claiming that this was a “Nazi like assault.” (Uh, Bill, it’s about Hitler and Pious XII...) Bill might have been veering into anti-Semitic territory when he likened the Penn&Teller routine to a “Julius Streicher type assault; but this time it wasn’t against the Jews.” (Seriously, how can you equate a comedy routine on a pay network with propaganda that resulted in the holocaust?) Doocy summarized Donahue’s book as informing Catholics “what’s going on behind the scenes.” Donahue listed them: “multicultural education” (hmmm, a little racism??), the “sexual engineers” (uh, Bill, does the “Catholic League” really want to go there???), some elements of the Democatic Party, legal activists.” And in the fine tradition of Joe McCarthy he says he “names names.” (Wonder who is on the black list)

For the right wing, rather than dealing in substantive issue, it’s easier to distract with bogus “culture war” and “values” issues. As the mouthpiece for the right wing, it’s not surprising that Fox considers Bill Donahue a “spokesperson” for Catholics (he isn’t in any official capacity) when he clearly only represents a fringe group of conservative Catholics, like Fox Fave Brent Bozell, with a specific agenda. I would have loved to have seen a Jesuit from the liberal “America” magazine debate Bill. It would have been interesting to have had a Lutheran woman priest debate Bill – or even better, a liberal Reform Jewish rabbi. But you won’t see that on Fox which gives radical Christians, like Donahue, and rabid anti choicers Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Rev. Frank Pavone a pulpit to preach from so that the Christian empire can “strike back.”

Note - Forgot to ask. What do you think the odds are of religion critic, Richard Dawkins, appearing on Fox&Friends to promote a new book - in the interests of "fair and balanced?"