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Fox Won't Fire Glenn Beck

Reported by Ellen - August 29, 2009 -

Mark Karlin, At Buzz Flash, has written an excellent post explaining why Glenn Beck is here to stay, at least for the immediate future. I don't agree with everything Karlin says but this paragraph sums it up perfectly for me: "ColorofChange.org did the correct and exciting thing (by organizing an advertiser boycott), but nothing has changed FOX's influence yet. The criticisms from the likes of Media Matters make us feel better and vindicated, but they just feed FOX's growth (and FOX "News" is way up this year in viewership). FOX could care less what Media Matters says, as long as the FOX "News" audience is growing, not contracting -- and it is growing."

I also agree with Karlin's conclusion that Beck will likely be promoted to prime time and get a salary increase when his contract is up.

That's not to say that our efforts are futile. We've many times seen Fox News change its behavior (albeit slightly) after we posted a complaint. Glenn Beck's spelling mistake is a case in point. My own feeling is that the best way to oppose the Fox News hate mongering is to expose it and try to turn the tide of public opinion against it. But unless our economic or other clout becomes much, much stronger, the advertising boycott is not going to do the job.