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Hey Bill O’Reilly – You Didn’t Tell The Whole Think Progress Boycott Story

Reported by Priscilla - August 28, 2009 -

Dear Bill O’Reilly:

As Julie noted in today's thread, while discussing harassment by “left wing loons” with right wing loon and fellow paranoid Glenn Beck, you mentioned how the “fanatical far left pressure group” Think Progress failed in its boycott effort against “The Factor.” You didn’t explain why there was a boycott. Maybe it just slipped your mind. Maybe you didn't have time. But in any case, I think I understand. Context can be a bitch. Right, Bill?

It’s not surprising that you didn’t provide the “context” that you did in rebutting John Stewart because the reason involved “The Factor’s” stalking of a journalist, from Think Progress, who had the audacity to point out your hypocrisy (whoops, bravery) in addressing a rape victim’s advocacy group after having made some comments about victims of sexual violence. But hey, we know that women are really “asking for it” (Andrea Makris loved that dirty talk, right?) and young male victims of kidnapping really have a great time while they are being repeatedly raped so who cares about what their families think. You and the Pope are infallible and these schlubs should just admit it! So obviously Amanda Terkel deserved to be stalked (whoops interviewed) by your brave and muy macho producer. Unlike “animal” paparazzi who are “ruining” people’s lives, your goons (whoops, assistants) are just providing a public service or maybe even doing God’s work. Right? And while you’re trashing “Think Progress” as a “far left pressure group,” you could add that they have received a number of awards for journalistic excellence something that you provide on a nightly basis. But hey, you won a Peabody. I know because I read about it in the “Paris Business Review” which also had a report on the success of your tout sweet boycott against all things French! Think Progress is an offshoot of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress and we know that Podesta, who served as Deputy Chief of Staff under President Clinton as well as being legal counsel to a number of congressional committees and members of congress, can’t hold a candle to you, an important Fox News “journalist” who is “looking out for us.” Please forgive me for saying that Think Progress doesn’t pull its information out of its ass - something you'd never do. Right, Bill? But Bill, I'm remembering, from my (and yours) Catechism, the “sins of commission and omission.” Wouldn't omitting key details in your reporting be a sin? If not a sin couldn't it be seen as poor “journalism?” Well I, for one, know that you would never be guilty of that - unlike those "liberal loons" who don't appreciate your greatness and are out to get you.

Love (in a chaste, Christian, and heterosexual way)