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Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck Have A New ACORN -- and A New Ayers!

Reported by Julie - August 28, 2009 -

On Wednesday night’s O’Reilly Factor (8/26/09), Glenn Beck and O’Reilly bemoaned the “left-wing loons” who seek to harm O’Reilly and his BFF Beck -- oh, and they also showed us who will serve as their new ACORN and Ayers boogeymen. With video.

In Glenn Beck's world view, he's still a down-and-out alcoholic. He’s not a Mormon. He hasn’t found God. His personal life is in shambles. He’s a personal screw-up. He’s a liar and a dirtbag. You see, if you go by his philosophy – that everybody stays exactly what they were at a given point in his or her life, never changing, never evolving, never maturing – he’s all of those things. Beck admits that he was once upon a time a down-and-out alcoholic and druggie, hadn’t found God, was into a whole lot of crazy-making behavior (well, that absolutely hasn’t changed) and the wife who would lead him out of the bottle and into God hadn’t yet materialized. And now he’s apparently sober and God-fearing. Wonder if Beck would want to be judged forever by how he behaved then. In fact, in a CNN interview on his past addiction, Beck said, “You know, my biggest pain, I guess, current, is that I don't recognize that guy anymore. But there are people that only knew me then, that that's the only guy they see. And that's hard.” And in a recent broadcast, Beck said, “. . . I just needed to rediscover my values and my principles . . . I was a dirtbag . . . .”

So, with that in mind, let’s take Beck’s attacks on Van Jones, the new White House Green Czar who once admitted to being a communist. Despite the fact that Jones later “discarded the hostility and antagonism with which he had previously greeted the world, which he said was part of the ego-driven romance of being seen as a revolutionary . . . and said, ‘I'm willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends’”, it seems that only Beck is allowed to be judged only for what he is now, instead of what he was in the past. What Beck also failed to mention is that, in the 1990’s, Jones transformed himself into an “environmentally friendly capitalist.”

Beck sneered to O’Reilly about Jones’ ties to the Apollo Alliance, which includes “social justice leaders, environmental groups, and labor unions.” (Oh my God, folks – Beck has a new ACORN!) However, as treehugger.com notes, “. . . Beck left out a bunch of ‘radical’ business groups that are also part of the Apollo Alliance, like PG&E and Google, two of the most successful corporations in the country.” Now, I wouldn’t want to accuse Beck of un-Christian-like petty vindictiveness against Van Jones, the man who is a co-founder of colorofchange.org, which also happens to be the organization that recently was very successful in convincing 46 advertisers to abandon Beck’s show -- but gee, it strikes me as not-very-Christian petty vindictiveness.

O’Reilly opened the segment, saying, “Earlier this year a fanatical far-left pressure group called ‘Think Progress’ tried to get sponsors to boycott the O’Reilly Factor. That effort failed dismally. Now, Glenn Beck is under fire from another crazy group founded by a guy who’s working inside the Obama Administration.”

“You got far-left loons all over the place in this country, and they want to hurt you and they want to hurt me, because they don’t really believe in freedom of speech,” O’Reilly continued pompously. “The far-left loons, they want to hear what they want and if you oppose them they hate you.” Yes, and you know why he thinks that? Because he doesn’t really believe in freedom of speech and he wants to hear what he wants and if someone opposes him he hates them. Classic projection.

“Enter a guy named Van Jones, who is now a special advisor to the Obama Administration for ‘green jobs,’” O’Reilly said, introducing Beck, “And you believe this guy has targeted you?”

Beck began to run his game: “This guy is our new green jobs czar, um, and he is a self-proclaimed, um, communist revolutionary -- named his 4-year-old son after a Marxist guerilla out of Africa. He is a guy who is one of the founding members of a group called ‘STORM’ in San Francisco – radical, radical -- wants an overthrow of the American system. He is now in the White House as a special advisor.”

Come on, Beck, can’t you ever finish a story? Let’s talk about the rest of Jones’ bio: That he’s a Yale law school graduate, a tireless human rights activist, co-founder of the Oakland, California-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (an organization that promotes alternatives to incarceration), founder of Green for All (creating green jobs in impoverished areas), and his philosophy is, “Let’s green the ghetto first.” Now we know why Beck takes such offense: We can’t have even more people of color getting empowered in the ghettos. I mean – gasp – Jones is a community organizer, for Pete’s sake!

“The group that he’s now a part of called the Apollo Alliance . . . the guy who runs the Apollo Alliance here in NY is the other co-founder of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers’ partner . . . .” Not only does Beck have another ACORN, Fox has another Ayers!

“Oh, my God,” O'Reilly said sadly.

“They wrote the stimulus bill . . . this according to Harry Reid . . . .” Au contraire, Beck – although the Apollo Alliance had a hand in making suggestions for the Bill, according to treehugger.com, “The Economic Recovery Act, which totaled over $800 billion, had many influences. The Apollo Alliance released in December, 2008 a paper with suggestions for the bill, many of which were incorporated into the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. One important part was the "down-payment" of more than $100 million dollars for green-collar job creation.” Wow, job creation in an economy with over 9% unemployment – horrifying.

Beck then accused the White House of giving an inaccurate assessment of Jones’ past.

“They left out the two arrests for the Rodney King Demonstrations . . .,” Beck sneered. “They left out the fact that he started, I believe it was called Cop Watch . . . .” It’s actually called Bay Area Police Watch, and it’s a referral hot line for victims of police misconduct. And about that arrest for the Rodney King demonstration: “. . . Police officers illegally arrested Jones and hundreds of other participants in a peaceful protest march.” In fact, as reported in an article written by Eva Paterson, Jones' former boss, at the Huffington Post, "Jones was part of a successful class action lawsuit later; the City of San Francisco ultimately compensated him financially for his unjust arrest (a rare outcome)."

It appears that Apollo Alliance, unlike Beck’s former nemesis, ACORN, has no problem fighting back. In a recent blog on apolloalliance.org, it sassily corrected some of Beck’s misstatements about its organization. You can read the article here.

“Now is it possible that Mr. Jones has converted into being a sane environmentalist?” O’Reilly asked.

Beck gravely replied, “We asked the White House . . . I’ve been on him now for three months . . . .”

“He doesn’t like you . . .,” O’Reilly interrupted, “And his friends are trying to hurt you.”

“Whatever,” Beck replied breezily. So, with 46 advertisers bailing, it’s “whatever?”

“But is it possible that he may be a responsible environmentalist . . . ?” O’Reilly persisted.

“I asked the White House,” Beck said (not specifying who, exactly, he asked at the White House -- you know, it's kind of a big place),“ Did you know of his past . . . a self-proclaimed communist radical revolutionary . . . their response was he’s only focused on one very narrow . . . green jobs . . . .”

“What kind of jobs does a communist create?” Beck sneered. Well, this particular “communist” works to employ people by creating green jobs in impoverished areas – now tell me again what Beck has against job creation in a bad economy?

“This guy reminds me of Reverend Wright . . . ,” O’Reilly bloviated, “He’s an anti-American guy, we think . . . the Obama Administration doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.”

“ . . Because they [left-wing loons] don’t really believe in freedom of speech." O’Reilly wouldn’t perchance be trying to silence those who he disagrees with, now, would he? And here we go again with the anti-American stuff which, in Fox lingo, is anybody who doesn’t buy into the white male power structure, apparently – you know, like those damned community organizers who try to help poor people, many of whom are minorities. While Jones’ motto is, “Green the ghetto first,” Fox News’ motto is, “Let the white guys keep all their power and all their stuff, and we’ll get to the ghetto last, if ever.”