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Malkin And Hannity Baselessly Suggest Democrats Orchestrated Attack On Their Colorado Headquarters In Order To Blame Republicans

Reported by Ellen - August 27, 2009 -

The arrest of a one-time supposed Democratic activist and anarchist for vandalizing the Colorado headquarters of the Democratic Party was not just grounds for Sean Hannity to demand an apology from Chairwoman Pat Waak, who had called the act the consequence "an effort on the other side to stir up hate." The incident was used by Hannity to suggest that the Party had somehow officially sanctioned or participated in the act so that they could demonize Republicans. He offered no grounds for such speculation, other than that the tactics “seem(ed) out of that playbook” of left-wing activist Saul Alinsky. And instead of having a Democrat or someone familiar with the case or the suspect as a guest, Hannity chose Michelle Malkin. With video.

According to The Denver Post, the suspect, Maurice Schwenkler, was arrested during a protest at the Republican Convention last year in St. Paul, MN. The Post and AP reported that he had also previously been paid $500 by a Democratic-leaning political 527 group, Colorado Citizens’ Coalition, in 2008, to canvass for a Democratic candidate for the Colorado State legislature named Mollie Collum. However, the AP noted, “Mike Hamrick, chairman of the Arapahoe County Democrats and Cullom's campaign committee agent, said he's never heard of Schwenkler.”

Furthermore, The Denver Post makes it clear that Schwenkler is no mainstream Democrat but a likely anarchist.

Pleas on several anarchist sites such as Queers Against Obama and Infoshop News described Schwenkler as a "transgendered activist" who uses the name Ariel Attack… The Queers Against Obama site, where Schwenkler's friends sought donations for legal expenses, boasts a banner quote that takes aim at both the progressive movement and Obama.

"You progressive 'Obamaniacs' can keep right on being the change you want to hope to see (or whatever Yes you can!), but we refuse to allow you to intimidate us into silence simply because you fear having your willful delusions shattered."

Hannity immediately distorted Schwenkler’s work for a Democrat-leaning 527 group, working for the election of one candidate, saying, “he was at one time a paid operative of the Democratic Party and even went door-to-door for candidates.”

“So I think an apology from the chairman or the chairwoman, in this case, of Colorado’s Democratic Party, may in fact be in order,” Hannity said.

Malkin immediately joined Hannity on his high horse where the two quickly turned their self-righteousness into attacks on Democrats.

“This is what we’ve been experiencing now for weeks,” Hannity said sanctimoniously, “which is the besmirching, the smearing of anybody that opposes Obama care and now there’s even charges of racism if you disagree with Obama’s policies.” Poor widdle Hannity. There’s just no end to the unfairness that he has been made to suffer in this world from those meanie Democrats. I guess it just doesn’t count when one of his guests likens Democrats to Nazis or says that the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel “is on my death list” or when Hannity, himself, suggests our president should be investigated by Department of Homeland Security.

“This is a teachable moment in Democrat intellectual honesty,” Malkin said smugly. With a smug sneer, she quoted Democratic Chairwoman Waak: “Clearly, there’s been an effort on the other side to stir up hate, I think this is the consequence of it.” Naturally, that was grounds to dial up the hate. Malkin spat, “Pat Waak refuses to retract her smear of town hall protesters.” Oh, your poor widdle feewings, too!

Hannity brought up Saul Alinsky (that now-dead community activist that Fox News loves to link to Obama), saying, “Rather than just protest, (Alinksy's) suggestion (to students)… was to show up as Klan members to sort of create the appearance that Republicans are a bunch of racist, Klan-supporting, and Klan-sympathizers, etc. It almost seems out of that playbook… doesn’t it?”

“It is classic Alinsky tactics,” Malkin declared with self-satisfaction. “And you see that with the Democrat Party officials, not just the hard left ideologues… These masters of astroturf are going and accusing their political opponents of what they practice so masterfully themselves. “ Pot, meet kettle.

Hannity complained that “MoveOn.org and some of these other groups were planning to go and disrupt” John McCain’s town hall meeting that night. He claimed that that was “very different” from the right wing disrupters who, according to Hannity, are “stay-at-home Moms, the veterans, the grandmothers and grandfathers that have been showing up organically at these town halls and expressing natural passion. It seems the manufactured side of this debate, very ACORN-like, now is the Democratic Party. They are paying people to show up. They’re getting their union buddies to show up. They’re literally what I think is the moral equivalent of bribing people – you look at some of these bills, they’re going to be the real beneficiaries of it – so isn’t the real astroturfing on the left and the media hasn’t picked up on it?”

“It certainly is,” Malkin said, supercilious as always.

I guess “fathers” like anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, who, along with other likely out-of-district agitators disrupted Rep. Jim Moran's/Howard Dean's town hall, don’t count. Nor does “regular gal” Dana Loesch who just happens to be a conservative radio show host who “just showed up” at a town hall after actively promoting the protests on her web site and on her Twitter page.