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Ted Kennedy And Three Cable Networks

Reported by Priscilla - August 26, 2009 -

The difference between Fox News and the other two major cable news networks is quite apparent in its morning treatment of the death of Ted Kennedy. MSNBC had a “special edition” in which conservative Republican Joe Scarborough shared his thoughts about the Kennedy legacy (legislative as well as humanitarian) with such literary luminaries as Newsweek’s Jon Meacham. CNN was doing more of a news approach with their people in Hyannis. They, as did MSNBC, spoke with Obama Senior advisor, David Axelrod. Both networks had an “In Memoriam” chyron on the screen. Fox&Friends, however, was sticking to its usual repertoire of dreck and drivel including a piece about a Muslim American young woman who converted to Christianity and ran away to Florida because she thinks her parents will kill her and another piece about John McCain’s town hall. Greg Jarrett did a report at the top of the hour which was informational during which the kids briefly discussed Kennedy’s role in securing the nomination of President Obama. There was no “In Memoriam” chyron. I’m not surprised. They are a conservative network whose viewers, most likely, despise the evil librul Ted Kennedy so nothing to see here, move on. I do suspect that if John McCain passed away the coverage would be a bit more reverential and a bit more gussied up. Eh?

Update - Brian Kilmeade and a man whom I'm not familiar with did an early phone interview with Bob Mann, a friend of Ted Kennedy's. Fox appears to have done some other early coverage; but by the time I started watching, it was business as usual with a few Kennedy news breaks. Video below the fold.