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More Embracing Of Town Hall Extremists On Fox&Friends?

Reported by Priscilla - August 26, 2009 -

This morning, Fox&Friends (Kilmeade, Carlson, and unidentified dark haired man not Steve Doocy) chatted about John McCain’s recent town hall appearance which was described as having some “hot” moments. Gretchen Carlson couldn’t contain herself about how excited she was to see McCain back out again. (Put it this way, she had a great, big smile that I don’t see when she talks about Obama. I almost expected her to clap her hands in glee.) While the gang mentioned that there were a few boos they didn’t explain why. They did show McCain getting cheered when he said that he opposed government health care. Unidentified dark haired guy said that he was disappointed that McCain wasn’t more forceful. The kids then showed a video of Member of Congress John Moran’s “wild” town hall, in Reston Va, when Moran, after being heckled, turned the mik over to Howard Dean who shot back with a good question (asked who wanted to give up Medicare). Kilmeade said that protestors shouldn’t be “marginalized” by politicians. Unidentified guy said that town halls aren’t about “the process” but rather people airing their grievances. It was a short piece but noteworthy in its exclusion of some key details.

The boos at McCain’s Town Hall occurred when one of the “seniors” (the main demographic in the audience) asked if Obama knows if “we’re still living under the Constitution.” When McCain said yes, he was boo’d. Moran’s town hall was wild because it was targeted by out of district teabaggers – or as Fire Dog Lake calls them a “rolling freak show.” According to Politico: “But despite a Rabbi’s opening prayer for balanced debate and several requests for good behavior, both men were constantly berated by booing and screaming, leading Dean at one point to stop talking altogether.” But it gets better, the “vocal minority,” included anti abortion domestic terrorist, Randall Terry who, after staging some “street theater” outside the auditorium (one of the actors wore an Obama mask while he was “stabbing” granny) created such a ruckus about “baby killing” (a true O’Reilly soulmate) that he needed to be escorted out. During the disruption the crowd shouted “kick him out.” This moment was not shown on Fox&Friends.

Comment: Regarding both Town Halls, there was more there, there; but you didn’t hear it on Fox&Friends. Can’t let the “loons” look any loonier, can we – or are they just good, conservative who don’t care about that "silly" process” and need to vent their collective spleen against an administration that they feel is “un-American.” And while these wingnuts (i.e. the disrupters) don’t deserve a lot of publicity, the rest of us who aren’t “real” Americans do need to know how the health care debate is being hijacked by extremists. On one hand, Fox shows some of them as just your average American; but when they get totally out of control, they’re invisible. And yes, Brian, they should be “marginalized” by politicians. Arguing with dining room tables is counter productive. Come to think of it, on Fox&Friends, we have a three piece dinette set!