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Bill O’Reilly Takes On Hot, Young Binge Drinking Women

Reported by Priscilla - August 25, 2009 -

The first half of last night’s “Culture Warriors,” on the Bill O’Reilly “Factor,” dealt with young female binge drinking – a topic that arguably is of concern to parents who watch Bill O’Reilly. Binge drinking, for anyone at any age, is a problem; but there’s something discomforting about America’s Daddy and voyeur in chief (whoops "warrior" in chief) Bill O’Reilly opining about the problem of binge drinking in the young, female population – especially while playing video of binge drinking that showed – ah – uninhibited young women writhing about in various states of dress and inebriation. And while this segment didn’t have any partisan spin, it had a major ekkkkk factor. But Bill is looking out for us, so I guess it’s all good!

Bill’s weekly “threesome” (Bill, Gretchen Carlson, Margaret Hoover) spoke of the dangers of binge drinking. The backdrop for most of the discussion was video of young women who, while not “gone wild,” were definitely going there. A short clip would have been appropriate; but Bill ran these clips during most of the discussion. It was, how you say, "overkill!" What started off as reasonable got real sleazy, real fast. But Bill was doing a public service: “That’s why we’re doing the segment because we want parents to try to engage your children age 12 on up about the dangers of this kind of stuff.” He then opined that the primary danger is getting loaded (ya think!) and then having sex with somebody unprotected which can lead to pregnancy, STD’s.” Bill said that he knew a dozen people who had that happen to them. He added “you degrade yourself you get a reputation.” (Hey Bill, were you binge drinking when you talked dirty to Andrea Mackris?)

Anyway, the piece was just another creepy “culture warriors” installment that said more about Bill O’Reilly and his – ah – interests than the problem of binge drinking. Maybe Bill needs to take a walk on the wild side and then he wouldn’t have to subject his “warriors” to a steady diet of decadent discussion. And if Bill acknowleges that he might have a "problem," I'm sure his gold plated Fox health care would cover the costs of an intervention. Why does he subject these two women to constant prurient content almost weekly? Would he cover the same topics if there was a man – or two men “culture warriors?” Would a man want to be Bill O’Reilly’s culture warrior? Who knows? All I know is that what Bill O’Reilly is “looking out for” isn’t us. Ekkkkk!