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Clayton Morris Does A Dirty Double Entendre On Fox&Friends?

Reported by Priscilla - August 24, 2009 -

Clayton Morris is the anti Steve Doocy Fox Friend. Unlike Doocy, whose inane comments are accompanied by flapping hands and giggles, Morris seems appropriately mature and more intellectually nuanced. He has a sense of irony that seems to be missing in the rest of the crew. (Actually Julie Banderas is good with the snark and congrats Julie on your upcoming wedding). So yesterday, the topic was about the “Great Male Survey” done by AskMen.com (quite interesting, actually). Alyson Camerota introduced the segment, “we finally have the answers to the burning questions that we’ve been asking for decades, millennium actually about men…” when Morris said “it’s the itching, burning questions” Camerota swatted him. Hmmm. Itching and burning as related to men? That’s what he said!!! And if he was being “clever,” good for him!