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Bill O’Reilly/George Clooney Stalkers/Topless Teenager Pics

Reported by Priscilla - August 22, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly is not a fan of George Clooney. He questioned Clooney’s handling of charity cash from Clooney’s post 9-11 telethon and challenged Clooney to a debate. Clooney, who unlike O’Reilly actually has talent, refused the challenge. But recently, Clooney has disclosed that he is suing two Italian magazines and a photographer after said paparrazo allegedly scaled the walls of Clooney’s Italian (Lake Como) villa and took photos of a young girl, the daughter of guests at the villa, who was disrobing in her bedroom. This was the first topic in this week’s “Is it Legal” segment on “The Factor.” While Bill’s discussion with attorneys Megyn Kelly and Jonna Spilbon was basically a discussion of privacy rights, there were a couple things that I thought were noteworthy; but not surprising because they spoke to Bill’s voyeurism and his Texas sized cajones (metaphorically speaking, of course, as I have no way of empirically knowing what American state would be closest in comparison – ewwww!!!)

It is quite apparent that Bill, in order to more fully opine on this matter, would like to see the photos; but googling does not seem to have produced the desired results. According to Bill, “Apparently those photos are published in some magazine; but the Factor can’t find them and that, in itself is very strange.” He repeated his frustration further into the discussion: “We’re going to assume this story is true... but the evidence, the pictures we don’t know where they
are.” Hmmm, so Bill, in order to more accurately assess the situation needs to find the photos – can we say CREEPY!!!!!!!!! The issue, based on Clooney’s statement, was about privacy. The existence of the photos would seem to be irrelevant unless O’Reilly is accusing Clooney of lying (some irony there!). That “the Factor” would have searched for them is – ah - creepy!

I did have to chuckle and give Megyn Kelly props after Bill tried to denigrate Clooney: “I’ve met the man and ehhh…” Kelly laughed as she said “jealousy is an ugly emotion.” Oh, snap!

But then came a true WTF moment after Bill spoke in defense of the right to privacy and how paparazzi can be a problem. “It's impossible in the country to stop these animals from ruining your life, stalking you…." EXCUSE ME???? Does the name Amanda Terkel mean anything to you? How about Mike Hoyt, Hendrik Hertzberg, Cynthia Tucker and all the other people who have been stalked and whose lives were made less comfortable by your pathetic producers who obviously have no problem intruding where they’re not wanted. Never mind scaling a villa wall, your stalker extraordinaire, Jesse T Watters, ambushed Boulder Colorado BVSD Board of Education president Helayne Jones in her garage which resulted in Ms. Jones calling the police to get this odious person off her property. But Jon Stewart really captured (and continues to capture) the essence of your hypocrisy in his video which examined your right to privacy.

So Bill, I know that those topless pictures are an integral part of your “Factor” investigation. But keep on googling cuz “you can’t always get what you want; but if you try sometime, you get what you need.”

Jon Stewart video included for old time’s sake!

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