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O’Reilly Can’t Hide His Peevishness that Jon Stewart Focused on The Factor

Reported by Julie - August 21, 2009 -

On last night’s O’Reilly Factor (8/20/09), in the Personal Story Segment, Bill O’Reilly was super dooper peeved, and began by saying without fanfare, “I like Jon Stewart, he’s a clever guy, usually not mean-spirited, and puts on an entertaining program. But last night Stewart went off the rails deriding Fox News for its coverage of the healthcare controversy.” With video.

Okay, O’Reilly, grit your teeth, remember to plaster on your game face, and say over and over to yourself, “I like Jon Stewart, I like Jon Stewart, I like Jon Stewart . . . .”

O’Reilly said that Stewart told his viewers that Fox News has become “liberal” because it defends protesters on the healthcare front – protesting being something the clips show Fox has criticized liberals for.

“Stewart ran a clip of the Factor,” O’Reilly said grimly. Ah, now I get it – the reason for the clenched teeth and forced smile. Roll the tape.

O’Reilly: “When we cover the town hall meetings, we don’t describe the protesters as loons.”

Stewart: “Of course you don’t describe the protesters as loons. What kind of monster would describe honest Americans voicing their political opinions that way?”

O’Reilly, in a second clip, shown saying, “Surveys show many [anti-war] protesters are simply loons.”

Stewart: “To be fair . . . those were protesters he disagrees with.”

O’Reilly, with a peevish look we usually only see when he faces off with Barney Frank, cried, “To be FAIR? Ha. Once again, Jon Stewart took the ‘loon’ clip out of context. Here’s what I really said.”

Roll another clip, if you must – but sorry, Bill, it doesn’t change anything.

“There are the anti-Bush protesters here in New York City. While most of these people have been peaceful, more than a thousand have been arrested and surveys show many protesters are simply loons, calling for the destruction of the American system, calling for retreat in the face of terrorism. Here’s a bulletin for you Bush-haters: These protesters are not helping John Carey.” And that clip didn’t help you resurrect yourself either, Bill, despite the fact that you now claim, “We were talking about the arrested protesters . . . quite a different tone than what Stewart played.” The words are right here, in black and white – I’ve read them like 20 times and still don’t see the part where he said that “surveys show many of the arrested protesters are simply loons . . . .”

“But to be FAIR, Jon,” O’Reilly whined, “You’re a satirist – you have the license to distort . . . 45% of the Daily Show audience is liberal . . . so in order to retain his viewers Stewart has to play to that, like he does here.”

O’Reilly rolled another clip of Stewart making fun of Fox for talking about “liberals” who Fox Newsies claim consistently make themselves out to be victims, piggybacked with a clip of various Fox Newsies bemoaning the fact that female conservatives or African American conservatives or Christians are targets, er, victims. Bill protesteth way too much, and tried to resurrect Gretchen Carlson’s “Christians are the easy target” comment on the clip by saying she was talking about media attacks on Christians during Holy Week. Oh, well that’s different then – we all know no one can play the victim card during Holy Week.

O’Reilly next rolled a clip showing what Carlson “really said: “Christians are the easy target – they’re not gonna do it to Muslims and they’re not gonna do it to Jews . . . but they shouldn’t do it to Christians either.” Oh, well that makes it completely diff . . . no, it doesn’t. It’s the same damn thing, Christians as victims, with a little Jews and Muslims thrown in to pay lip service to “fair and balanced”! Sorry, Bill, but a few of us haven’t yet left the reservation – as shocking as it may seem to Fox, a few of us actually look for the truth instead of simply taking the Big Gulp of Fox News misinformation.

Besides, Carlson and Fox and Friends have a long and illustrious history of whining about the persecution of Christians in America, including the “war on Christmas” which was a pretty frequent theme during the festive season.

Finally, O’Reilly ran a clip of himself, on Jon Stewart’s show, talking about how he likes President Obama and thinks he’s a brilliant guy who ran a great campaign – and then showed Stewart saying that he gets paid “to cheap shot people.”

“And he does it very well – but is it an honest job, Jon?” O’Reilly said desperately. O’Reilly went on to say that “some of us” are very worried about how Barack Obama is governing, “but not Jon Stewart – noooooooo, he continues to dance down the liberal yellow brick road, mocking folks who . . . actually protest a liberal president’s policies.” Oh, is that what we’re calling Swastika signs, signs depicting President Obama as the Joker, bringing guns to rallies, fascist and socialist references, and Nazi references these days?

“Again,” O’Reilly continued defensively, “I like Stewart, but some young people actually believe he’s presenting an accurate picture of the country on his program. And that is frightening.” Hmmm . . . no more frightening than the poll that shows that Fox News viewers are both misinformed and gullible – oh, and did I mention misinformed? “Those who primarily get their news from FoxNews believe the misinformation about health care reform in far greater numbers than other respondents. For instance, 72 percent of FoxNews watchers believe the illegal immigrant misinformation, 69 percent believe the abortion lie, and 75 percent — three out of every four FoxNews watchers — still believe the 'death panels' nonsense, even though it has been thoroughly, and repeatedly, debunked by the more 'reality-based' media. Oh, and 79 percent of Foxies think health care reform will lead to a 'government takeover' of health care.”

“By the way,” O’Reilly said hastily, suddenly seeming to realize that his thin skin was showing, “Jon Stewart’s welcome on The Factor any time.”

Does anybody but me watch O’Reilly and wonder, when the camera’s off, if he turns into the Incredible Hulk – you know, swelling up, clothes popping the seams, eyes turning into monster eyes . . . oh, wait, watch this Jon Stewart video – you’ll see O’Reilly, back in the day, doing the Hulk routine in the studio -- without the buff part.

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