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Hannity Gets His Facts Wrong Again: Mixes Up Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus With Rep. Spencer Bachus

Reported by Ellen - August 21, 2009 -

Sean Hannity really, really, really needs a new assistant to help him keep his facts straight. The latest boo-boo from the Misinformer of 2008? He mixed up Democratic Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus with Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus and then further misinformed his audience that Social Security "could be insolvent" in two years. UPDATED.

As Media Matters reported, on Wednesday night's (8/19/09) Hannity show, Hannity told guest Stuart Varney (who erroneously agreed), "Max Baucus says Social Security could face default within two years. He said that yesterday." Hannity said something similar during his later "Great American Panel" segment.

In reality, Rep. Bachus said that Social Security could face a deficit within two years. Bachus had originally said the program could face "default" in two years but clarified his statement to say that he had meant to say it faces a "deficit" within two years.

Instead of correcting the error, Hannity repeated the falsehood on Thursday night's (8/20/09) show. Video below.

UPDATE: 8/24/09 Hannity made a rare on-air apology for his mix up but, as Media Matters noted, he never apologized for the false Social Security claim.